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Writing a Physical Therapist Biography

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Why You Need a Physical Therapist Biography

physical therapist biographyPhysical therapists are in high demand and the employment outlook for their services over the next 10 years is excellent. However, this doesn’t mean that people will be beating down your door to demand your services. You still need to either find a job or get potential patients to choose your services rather than those at another practice. One inexpensive and effective way to market your services is with a professional bio.

A professional biography for a physical therapist can be used to attract new patients or get the attention of potential employers. It can be posted on a professional website, on various social media sites, accompany your resume among other things. It provides the reader with an overview of your skills and qualifications in the field, establishing your credentials to offer physical therapy services.

Women's Health
Acute Care
Wound Care
Pulmonary, etc.

First Step in Creating a Biography for Physical Therapists

To write an effective bio for a physical therapist you need to first determine the purpose of the biography and who the audience will be. The two most common purposes for writing a professional medical bio is to attract new patients or get the attention of potential employers. There are other purposes such as to introduce you as a speaker or author on the subject of physical therapy. The purpose of the bio usually establishes who the audience will be. An effective biography targets the audience to help you achieve the particular purpose you have in mind. Once the purpose and audience have been identified, you can select the content to include in the bio that best helps in achieving your goals.

medical biography examples

To write an effective medical biography you must first examine the purpose of the biography, reason why you write the biography, who you are writing it to and who is the audience. The two most common goals of writing a medical biography are to attract patient or employers. There are other purposes such as author on the subject of physical therapy. The main purpose of a therapist bio is to target the audience in other to achieve a succeeding goal.

You can select the content to include in the therapist bio when the purpose and audience have been identified. A therapist’s bio should include the information that helps achieve the main purpose they are written for. A therapist’s bio should contain the following information:

  • Name, occupation, contact information, your specialty in physical therapy or work and also the geographical area you live in.
  • Information about your background, such as your inspiration and motivation in choosing to become a physical therapist. Your profession history
  • Special recognition, awards, degrees and institutions, certificate and additional training you have related to physical therapy should be included.
  • You should also think about including your own hobbies that are relevant and which people can relate to you as a physical therapist. People are also interested to know what type of person you are outside your therapy clinic or hospital.

Medical Bio Writing Basics

Professional medical biographies such as those for a physical therapist should usually be one page or less in length. They use a narrative style of writing and are written in the third person. Use language that is clear and easy for the average person to understand. Avoid using clichés in the bio. Technical jargon and acronyms should also be avoided unless your target audience is another professional in the same field. Paragraphs should be kept fairly short so that the bio can be easily scanned by the reader. Proofread the biography to eliminate spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Feel free to ask professional assistance using bio writing services, if you are not quite a good writer by yourself.

Content and Structure of the Biography for Physical Therapists

A bio should include the information that best helps achieve the purpose they are being written for. This will involve establishing your credentials as a physical therapist and showing why you are qualified. The information you select to put in your biography for physical therapy will include:

  • Provide your name and what you do (physical therapist). If you specialize in a particular area of physical therapy or work with a particular type of patient this should be stated. If applicable mention the geographic area you are in
  • Professional history beginning with the most recent position and working your way back.
  • Awards and any special recognition you have received in the field that is relevant can be mentioned. Membership in organizations related to physical therapy may be included also
  • Discuss training and education that are relevant. Include the degrees you have and the institutions that granted them. Any special certifications and additional training you have that is relevant to your purpose should be included also.
  • Personal information that may include details about family, hobbies or other interests can be included in the bio. A couple of sentences is generally enough. Don’t get too personal and avoid controversial topics
  • Contact information

Don’t try to include everything. Limit information to those things relevant to achieving your purpose. As a rule of thumb structure the bio so that the most important information is presented first. It is difficult to write an effective professional biography. If you are unsure of the best approach or lack time to work on your bio, it doesn’t matter if you need a physical therapist or accountant biography, our professional biography writing service can do it for you.

Advantages of Using Our Biography Writing Service

The greatest advantage our service offers is access to our team of writers. Every writer we use is a college graduate with extensive experience working with professional biographies. They know what type of information to include and how to present it in the best way to achieve your purpose. The writers we work with can help you with writing for any field, whether you need help with writing a military bio or with medical bio. Additional advantages include:

  • Guarantees of complete customer satisfaction and on-time delivery with every bio
  • Inexpensive rates with no hidden costs
  • Complete customer confidentiality
  • Live customer support available 24/7

Contact us for an effective physical therapist biography that helps you achieve your goals without crippling your budget!