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Web Developer Bio Writing Services

Purpose of a Web Developer Bio

web developer bioYou web developer biography is a summary of your professional career and displays your qualifications in the industry. It is a useful tool for marketing your web development skills and abilities to potential clients or possible employers. It is an effective yet inexpensive tool when used correctly and can help you establish the industry credentials to provide the services you offer.

How to Create an Effective Web Developer Biography

Writing an effective professional biography begins with knowing its purpose and who the audience will be. In most cases, the purpose will be to find new clients or to attract the attention and interest of a potential employer. This means the audience will be either an employer looking for a particular set of skills or potential clients who need the services and skills you offer. Knowing the purpose of the biography and the audience you need to target enables you to write a more effective biography by selecting the content that best suits your purpose and targets the right audience.

General Writing Criteria for Web Development Biographies

The professional biography should be fairly brief. Don’t exceed one page in length and in many cases it may be shorter. To make it easy for the reader to scan your bio, use short paragraphs. Write the biography in the third person using a narrative style. Use language that is easy to understand and avoid technical jargon as much as possible. Include some keywords appropriate to your service (search engine optimization, web administration, graphic design, and technical support) but don’t just throw them in. They should occur naturally. Use correct grammar and make sure there are no spelling mistakes in the bio.

Structure and Content of Your Bio for Web Development

web developer bio exampleThere are many ways to structure your bio and present your information. A couple of rules to keep in mind are 1) Include only content relevant to achieving your purpose and 2) The most important information should be the first presented. The following shows a common structure for web developers’ biographies and the type of content they include:

  • Introduction. Provide your name and what you do. If you have an area of specialization or a particular time of customer you focus to include that.
  • Professional work history. Discuss previous employment or projects beginning with the most recent first. Only include those that exhibit the skills and qualifications related to your purpose. Include a few noteworthy accomplishments
  • Awards and affiliations. Any awards or special recognition received should be mentioned if relevant. Include any industry related organizations you are a member of.
  • Education/training. Include any college degrees and the institution where you earned them. Any training and relevant certifications can also be mentioned
  • Examples. Consider including links to some projects you have completed
  • Personal information. A couple of sentences containing personal details about family, hobbies, and interests is optional. If included, don’t get too personal or include anything that could be controversial
  • Contact information

It isn’t always easy to determine exactly what to include or how to present it in your biography. Reviewing a web developer bio example can be helpful, before working on your own. If you can’t learn what you want from an example of a biography, one alternative is to have our service write one for you. We specialize in writing professional biographies of all types, for example, a web developer bio or a graphic designer bio.

Our Service Can Help Create the Right Bio for You

Our team of writers has years of experience working with professional biographies. Every writer has a college degree and has demonstrated the meet the high standards we require. They know how to write effective biographies designed to achieve your purpose using the information the client provides whether it’s a web developer or a programmer biography. Some of the advantages of using our service include:

  • Original biographies tailored to fit your specific needs
  • Direct contact with the writer working on your biography
  • Guarantee of complete customer satisfaction with every bio we write
  • Live customer support 24/7

Contact us for an effective web developer bio written specifically for you and designed to achieve the purpose you intend it to!