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10 Greatest Biography Documentaries You Can Learn From

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Best Biography Movies You Can Learn From

Borrowing a lead from those who have made it, and understanding how they were able to craft interesting biographies on others is what you are about to discover. Have a look at the following biographical documentaries, and you can end up learning a thing or two about how to really craft a compelling biography.

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  • Jobs

Jobs is a movie that was put together by an American director to illustrate the story and personal life of the late American icon, Steve Jobs. How he started out with the Apple products we know of today. Have a closer look and you will definitely benefit a thing or two.

  • Ali

Ali is a movie that starred Will Smith, it focuses on just ten years of the late Mohammed Ali. It is a movie that was able to bring a couple of things to the fore about the great boxer. One of which was how he opposed American’s involvement in the Vietnam War. So much to learn from this great movie that reflected the biography of a great legend.

  • Into the storm

They may have been a couple of interesting documentaries about the Great British, Winston Churchill, but one of the movies that still stands out is, Into The Storm. In a single view, you will find out how great and controversial this British was. It is another great piece that can give you a few hints on how to put together a brilliant biography.

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  • The rise

You may have heard or perhaps read in the past, but this movie has shed more light on the personal life and story of a one-time world-leader, and great German, late Adolf Hitler. His biography has been well crafted in the said movie. With this movie, you can rest assured of knowing more about this great dictator.

  • Lincoln

This is an American movie that portrays the life of the late American president, Abraham Lincoln. It is a movie that gives bits and pieces of information about the late Abraham Lincoln. Have a glance of this movie and find out for yourself who the late American president really was.

  • I am bolt

This is a movie that was done on the fastest man on planet earth, Usain Bolt. It is a 2016 movie. It rightly reveals a lot of things worthy of note in the sprinter’s life. Get your hands on it and be amazed at the level of revelation you will get from this movie. Great biography, you will conclude.

  • Marley

This is one of the best movies that was done on the late legendary singer, Bob Marley. Get to know many things that are yet hidden about this individual when you watch this documentary.

  • Pele: birth of a legend

This is one movie that beats the odds. You cannot get a better presentation when it comes to people and their biographies. It was a movie that was worth all the effort. Watch this documentary and get to know more about his personal life.

biography documentaries use

  • Man in the mirror

This is a movie about the late pop singer, Michael Jackson. It takes a deeper look at the career and personal life of this icon. There may be controversies surrounding the lifestyle of this late singer, but the movie put his life under the microscope.

  • Pope John Paul II

A movie that carefully x-rays the lifestyle of the Catholic icon, Pope John Paul the second. This is a must watch for anyone who is really interested in understanding how biographies can be well written.

In conclusion, you can really learn a thing or two about how to write great biographies from these great movies (documentaries) since one of the aims of the various directors is to intimate viewers with the personal life of these characters.

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