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The Mystery of Biography Writing

Biography writing’s history can be traced back in the 18th century and it reached its contemporary form in the 20th century. One of the first known biographers was Plutarch (Parallel Lives, 80 AD).

This piece of writing is a simple life story, which can be of a few sentences or an entire book. Short versions tell the basics about someone’s importance and life significance, while longer ones include all those, but with more details that tell a complete story to inspire, entertain or educate readers. If you’ll have troubles writing a bio why don’t ask a biography writing service for help?
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Best-Selling Biographies of All Time

  • A Child Called It by Dave Peizer
  • The Sound of Laughter by Peter Kay
  • At My Mother’s Knee… and Other Low Joints by Paul Grady
  • Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama

What Are Biographies?

  • They interpret and analyze a person’s life.
  • Such documents also attempt at finding connections and explaining the meaning of mysteries, as well as unexpected actions.
  • Biographies are most of the time about historical figures, although they can also be about living persons.
  • They can be about an infamous or famous person.
  • They can also make arguments about someone’s significance in terms of his life activities and accomplishments.
  • A biography of an average person tells more about him or her, covering a particular place and time.


  • Choose a person to write a biography about.
  • Look for basic facts about him.
  • Know what else to write about him or her (What makes this person interesting?…)
  • Write the biography.
  • Edit it.

A biography is written in the chronological order, and it can also be written using group time periods, usually with a central theme, such ambition, achievement or early adversity. On the other hand, some biographies focus on particular accomplishments, topics or events like corporation mission statement.

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