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#1 Service for Your Staff Bio Page Creation

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staff bio writing

To enhance positive perception of any business, an important key is to have a bio for staff page. Putting out encompassing descriptions about each staff in an organization gives faces to the business and will definitely pique the interest of visitors on your organization’s website. A carefully crafted and designed staff bio will go a long way in projecting employees’ individual personalities and the overall personality of the company.

Also, from this page, prospective customers and investors will be able to conceive, even if a little, the personalities of the employees of the particular company, and they would be more inclined to trust such a company. Therefore, in an age where trust is becoming a very valuable resource in various economies, you can set your organization on the right path by creating a good staff bio for website. That’s where our professional bio writing services can help you out.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.biographywritingservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/staff-bio-examples.pdf” title=”staff bio examples”]

How to Write Staff Bio: Tips from the Expert

In writing a new staff bio, the following tips are highly recommended:

  • Develop a standard format – few things are more attractive than order and consistency in the corporate world. Before starting at all, ensure you have a format, to facilitate consistency and readability.
  • Keep it short – a lengthy staff introduction bio, no matter how comprehensive, will bore its readers. Highlight only the important aspects of an employee’s job. You need not add every single thing the employee does in the company.
  • Get your information from the employees themselves – it’s important you don’t assume things about employees in your bio for staff page, but instead meet them individually or circulate a background information/bio-data form, which will aid in producing accurate information. For example, you may have assumed a particular employee is a ‘Miss’ when she’s actually married.
  • Add social media contact details – in this day and age, where almost everyone is on social media; it will do your organization much good to add your employees’ staff biography on social media pages. This will increase the means through which your organization can be accessed, which potentially means more customers.
  • Update constantly – as employees’ statuses and positions both within the organization and in their personal lives change, ensure it reflects in the staff bio page.  This adds a touch of excellence, as well as guards against dissemination of misinformation. For example, an employee may have been moved up from Chief Financial Officer to Vice President and if this change is not reflected on the page, it may cause avoidable confusion.

How Do I Create a Powerful Staff Bio Page?

Competition these days is stiff and to create a lasting impression on a prospective customer or visitor who has most likely seen many other company websites with biography for staff pages, you need to do a bit more than the regular organization. Fortunately, this isn’t as difficult or stressful as it sounds. Some tips to create a compelling staff bio page include:

  • Writing individual bios in the third person – this will give your staff bios a prosaic, conversational feel and will endear your page to prospective customers.
  • Give it a personal touch – to enhance a connection with your employees by potential visitors, add at least a sentence, describing briefly an employee’s personal life and a hobby or two. This, however, depends on the nature of the organization and the appropriateness of such information. Controversial information should be discarded. However, it’s most of the time a great boost to a staff bio page
  • Photos – nothing gives your prospective customers a literal picture of your staff than pictures themselves. Ensure you add high-quality color pictures, highlighting great dressing (depending on the level of formality the organization espouses), neatness and friendliness. Don’t put up photos of straight-faced or unsmiling employees. Where it’s feasible, applicable and will potentially be appreciated, you can invest in GIFs showing a little action from each employee.
  • Accomplishments and awards – if any employees have participated in important events, trips or have personal accomplishments of their own such as being interviewed by a leading television network or having authored a book, ensure to add it to their biographies. This will boost not just their credibility, but also that of the organization.

staff bio sample

Below is an example of a model staff bio:

Chiamaka Peters is the Head of Artistes and Records for Avant-Garde Entertainment. She is responsible for music artists and their audio and video releases, albums and tours within Europe and the United States. She is also the author of the New York Times’ bestseller “Music and Music Business”. Chiamaka lives with her husband, Olu, a lawyer, and her twin daughters and spends her weekends playing golf. Connect with her on Facebook(Chiamaka Peters), Twitter and Instagram @chiPeters2017.

Advantages of Having a Staff Bio Page

There are many advantages of having a staff bio page. Customers are better able to relate to your organization when they see a bio for staff page as they can better imagine what your staff are like and that would increase your organization’s approachability. A bio for employees page on your website will improve trust between your organization and customers. It facilitates openness and transparency and customers will thus feel more comfortable patronizing your products and services.

What We Offer When It Comes to Staff Bio Writing

Here are some of the services we offer with our professional bio writing services.  We have dedicated staff with experience and expertise in creating bio for employees pages, team presentation pages, as well as a great profile for the team! Some benefits you will derive from accessing us include;

  • Up to date bio staff page formats – we have the newest templates for bio staff pages and you can choose which best suits your organization with our guidance.
  • Online services – you have the option of requesting our online service which involves us not having to come over to your organization to interview your staff. We have prepared background information forms which we can email to your admin or equivalent office, which will, in turn, handle its dissemination within your organization.
  • Web development – we offer website creation services, in case your organization doesn’t even have a website to start with.
  • Social media – we also offer social media workshops for staff of various organizations to impart knowledge on effective social media representation of 21st-century business organizations.

Hence, accessing effective online services for your company’s staff bio has never been easier and more affordable.

So, for an expert creation for your staff bio on your company’s website, get in touch with us today and your company will be better for it!