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Sport Bio Writing Services

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Purpose of Writing Your Sport Bio

sport bioYour sports biography provides an overview to the reader that tells a little bit about who you are and what you do in the world of athletics. Before you begin writing your sports biography you need to determine what the bio is for and who your audience will be. Biographies can be used on websites, for job application, as an introduction before a public speaking engagement or for some other purpose. A typical sports biography for employment will focus on your work history and training you have had. A professional athlete’s biography for a speaking engagement might highlight notable achievements in their sport. The biography establishes your credentials to the particular audience you are addressing. It tells the audience why they should consider you for a particular job, why they should listen to what you have to say on a particular topic or whatever purpose you have determined the bio should achieve.

Structuring the Sport Biography

Before writing your bio for sports it is important that you determine the purpose of the biography and the audience that it is targeting. This determines both the content that will be included in the bio as well as how that content will be presented. A typical format and structure for sports biographies is shown here:

  • Introduction: States your name and what you do (coach, personal trainer, player etc.)
    • Current position
    • One or two highlights from current position
  • Second paragraph: Employment history
    • Begin with the most recent job you have held
    • Only include sports related employment that is relevant
  • Third paragraph: Education and training
  • Provide information on degrees and related schooling beginning with the most recent first
  • Include any related special training or certifications you have
  • Fourth paragraph: Additional related information
    • Noteworthy accomplishments in the field
    • Any awards or special recognition received that are related
    • Related sports organizations you are a member of
  • Fifth paragraph: Personal Information. This is a somewhat optional paragraph depending on the situation. For example if applying for a position as a high school coach you may want to mention you are married and have two children. Limit any personal information to a couple of sentences
  • Your contact information

The format shown here would be appropriate for seeking employment or use on a professional website offering your services.

Writing the Bio for Sports

There isn’t one particular approach to writing your biography that is considered correct. However, there are some generally accepted techniques that have proven to work better than others. The biography should be relatively short and kept to one page or less. Write using the third person and use a narrative style of writing. Try to avoid letting your bio become another version of your resume. It should read like a story and not just a list of things you have accomplished.

Tips and Suggestions for Writing Better Sports Biographies

The following are some tips and suggestions you can use to improve your biography for sports:

  • Start with a bang. You need to hook the reader with your opening sentence
  • Use a clear and concise writing style: Write in a way that is easy to understand and gets directly to the point.
  • Don’t try and cover everything. Include the most relevant information that helps achieve your purpose
  • Revise and proofread: Your first draft won’t be your best work. It may take several drafts to get it right. Be sure to eliminate spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as they distract the reader and appear unprofessional.

It can be difficult to write an effective sports bio for yourself. If you are having difficulties with your bio our biography writing services can help.

Our Biography Writing Service

We specialize in writing biographies for any purpose whether it’s sports or musician biography that you need. Our professional writers are skilled and have extensive experience working with biographies. The sport biography they provide for you will be completely original and tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additional benefits of using our service include:

  • Direct contact with the writer working on your biography and unlimited revisions at no additional charge.
  • Guarantee of complete customer satisfaction and on time delivery
  • Affordable rates that are easy on the budget
  • Live customer support 24/7

If you need a sport bio contact us for a biography that establishes your credentials and creates the impression you want!