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Can’t Write a Short Bio for New Employee? Hire Our Team

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short bio for new employee help

A short bio or otherwise known as a brief bio is a short article written for the purpose of letting readers of the article know little things about the writer. So, how to write a short professional biography? Creating a short bio for a new employee of a firm requires a professional biography writer as it aims to inform existing employees about basic things they need to know about the new employee.

Why a Short Bio for New Employee and Not Regular Bio? – Advantages of a Short Bio for New Employee

While a short bio new employee provides information like date of birth, interests, achievements, etc., a regular bio entails all important or notable events in the life of an employee. Short introduction bio for new employee pages is advantageous as it does just enough to provide necessary and cogent information required of the new staff while eliminating unneeded ones. Short bio for a new employee should be used to introduce a new staff in companies as it gives little or no area for gossips or rumors by existing employees.

Why Introduce the New Employee?

Being the new employee in a workplace can be likened to being the “new kid” at a school. It comes with the awkward stares, back talks, and loneliness. It is the company’s duty to ensure their new bees feel at home at their new workplace by introducing them and helping them join a team, the rules and regulations of the organization to aid him to know the in and out and better welcome him to his new environment. Hence introducing a new employee to the existing staff can aid him to join the team seamlessly.

short bio for new employee sample

A biography has to be time and occasion sensitive. This means a bio should be written at the time and purpose for which it is required. Writing a short biography for new employees by a company should aim to mainly introduce to coworkers the new employee. Writing short biographies for other occasions such as when firing a new employee is just a waste of time, resources, and workmanship.

How to Write an Effective Short Bio for New Employee

Writing a staff bio can be tricky and confusing. You can’t be too sure what information is too personal, plain unnecessary and which is cogent. Are you on track or deviating? Is this what the company requires of me? Questions like these are what plague writers. The following are points to follow when writing short bios.

  • Identify your purpose – before writing a bio that will be used to introduce to coworkers who they are, the writer must understand the wants of the category of people that will eventually become users of the information (potential coworkers) provided and the purpose of writing the article i.e. to provide necessary information about a new employee to the existing staff and potential team. A bio written without fully grasping the concept of this would be as ineffective as a remote without batteries.
  • Write in third person perspective – this is a general rule in writing bios as it makes the write up seem less personal. Bios are usually more fascinating to read when they are written in third person form.
  • Brainstorming – this goes without saying. Every article written involved some kind of thinking, the level of thinking done before writing the article determines the outcome. Brainstorming involves thinking of various ideas to go about the article in order to determine what ought to be and how it should be in the article.
  • Cull – this comes after the brainstorming. The process involves deciding what goes in the article and what doesn’t. The professional writer of the bio for the new employee should decide out of the information provided to him by the employee which to include in his write up and which not to. He/she (writer) must be impartial and decisive about what he is selecting and he is throwing out to the dogs.
  • Timing – it is often said that time is of an essence and it waits for no one. This goes to prove that timing is essential and learning to effectively manage the time it takes to write a short bio for a new employee is paramount. A writer who is able to meet the deadlines set for him is found to be more effective than one who isn’t able to complete what is required of him/her at the appropriate time.
  • Start with a name – when physically introducing someone to someone else, you don’t say “he will be joining your team to work on this project, his name is David” rather you start the introduction with “This is David” then the information comes after. It is therefore pertinent to start with the name of the employee you are trying to introduce or to at least include his/her name in the sentence so the coworkers already know who they are reading about.
  • Contact details – bios should be ended with the contact details of the new employee. Details such as phone number, email and social media details are included here.
  • Read and rewrite – congratulations, you have finished writing the bio intended to bring onboard a member of staff to the organization but is the just completed bio error free? Proofreading, although underestimated, is a very vital aspect of any write-up. The professional writer should endeavor to have the new employee read his write up before submitting it to the management for publishing to avoid the publication of any false or misrepresented information.

short bio new employee writing

Why You Should Hire Our Team to Write a Short Bio for Your New Employee

If you have your plates full or you want an effective short bio for your new employee, you can hire our professional biography writer. The following are the services they offer

  • Professional writing: if you are in pursuit of an effective short bio for your new employee, hire our firm. We possess excellent writers who are proficient in the art of writing all types of bios including those aimed at introducing a new employee to his team and are well guaranteed to provide information how and when it is required.
  • Timing: as stated above, our team are time conscious and are failsafe to provide the short bio for your new employee at the time you require.
  • Proofreading, editing, and advising: hire our firm to check your write up for errors, correct the errors (if any) and advise you on how to write a better short bio in the future.

Hence, you can always access our short biography writing services when you require effective content pertaining to content for your new employee and we will have it delivered to you in a timely manner.

What are you waiting for? Hire our firm now and have us write you that effective short bio for new employee you so desire!