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Personal Website Portfolio Development: Your Full Step by Step Guide

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What Is a Personal Website Portfolio?

It is not enough today to just submit a resume when you apply for a job or have a social networking profile on LinkedIn. You have got to really make yourself stand out and be noticed if you want any chance of being the one selected for an interview. You also have to understand that many of the jobs that are out there are simply not advertised and many recruiters will be actively seeking to find someone through searches online.

Creating personal website portfolio is your opportunity to show off what you are really capable of by showcasing your work. It is far more than just a web resume; it is a site that will provide any visitor with a full insight as to what you have produced your work.

A good personal website can be all that you need to make any application that you make really stand out and to help you to win that job. This is why you need to learn how to make your own personal website to establish your own online brand and presence on the internet.

The Benefits of a Personal Profile Website

This is not just a personal CV website, this is your opportunity to really show any recruiter just what you are capable of and who you really are. Many jobs will receive many applications, often hundreds. So you really do need to stand out if you are to get an interview and this is why you really need your own personal website.

A well designed and effective personal website will:

  • Improve your visibility online by making you easier to find through relevant searches
  • Offer the recruiter unique information about you that they cannot find elsewhere
  • Offer an idea of your true personality as well as what you are capable of
  • Show that you embrace technology and new ideas
  • Make you available to headhunters at all times
  • Make you clearly stand out from your competition and provide a great first impression

tools for personal website portfolio

How to Create Personal Profile Website

You may need just a single page personal website if you do not have a number of graphics or projects that you can share. Roles such as web designers, photographers, and architects will have the ability to create a full portfolio of the projects that they have worked on to be able to promote their abilities. These sites can often be many pages long depending on the types of information that you may wish to share.

No matter what the size of your portfolio website, however, the following steps are generally what you will cover when creating your site along with what to include on a personal website:

  • Create a logo;: whether this is your name or some other graphic it is good practice and a boost to your branding. This is usually placed top left on the site and should be linked to the home page of the site.
  • Create your tagline: this needs to be a concise and attention-grabbing piece of text that makes it clear who you are and what you do.
  • The actual portfolio: this should contain high-quality images of the different projects that you have worked on. If you have many it is often best to select the very best to present rather than trying to show everything.
  • What services you provide: make it totally clear what you can offer as a freelancer or what skills you have to offer as an employee.
  • All about me: let the visitor to your site find out who you really are. Give some idea of where you have come from and why you do what you do. Share any awards that you have won or anything else that may impress the reader.
  • Contact information: one of the most important points of your site is to give visitors a way to actually get in touch with you. This should not just be buried away in the footer of your site, make it obvious and make sure the information is current.
  • Blog: establishing yourself as an authority within your field will not just aid your credibility, it will also help with networking amongst others in your own field and beyond.
  • Call to action (CTA): let people know what you are looking for. Do you want to be hired, attract business, or simply become known?
  • Link to your social networking sites: create links that allow the visitors to follow you on Twitter etc.
  • Keep your language clear and concise: don’t ramble on or your visitors will be off to look at something else. Read and re-read what you have on your site to ensure that it is going to get and keep the attention of your visitors.

Use Tools to Create Your Portfolio

Personal profile website design can be hard work. Thankfully, however, there are many tools out there that can aid you in designing and putting your portfolio together. The following are just a few of those that you could use:

  • Behance. This is an online platform that is designed to allow you to share all of your creative work simply through a single location.
  • Carbonmade. A very simple to use but highly versatile tool that will help you to put together everything that you need without having to understand any coding at all.
  • Dunked. This site will allow you to build and customize your whole site and showcase your portfolio. It also allows for uploading video and other media.
  • PortfolioBox. This simple to use tool allows you to put together everything that you need for your personal site from your galleries to your personal blog.
  • DeviantArt. This site offers you the ability to share your galleries and portfolios with one of the largest online communities out there.

Examples of Excellent Portfolios

The following are some top-notch examples of how others have put together portfolios to showcase their work:

  • Sean Halpin. Just work your way through Sean’s world to discover just how he can help you. His designs are bold and really stand out.
  • Bert. Based in the Netherlands and doing expert branding and design work for some well-known companies. The imagery used is often amazing.
  • Yul Moreau. If you like retro, 80s style then the effects on this site will blow you away. Uses digital and video effects to showcase work effectively.
  • Studio Schurk. Studio Rogue shows off their skills with a humorous and fun site. Excellent animations with some really bold designs to get your attention.
  • Melanie Daveid. The simplicity of the design of this site really showcases everything that she has to offer in a really impressive manner.

Personal Website Profile Design by Pros

Whether you are looking for a personal website for job hunting or to build your own business and brand our experts can help you. We offer superior design support through designers that understand just what it takes to put together an impressive portfolio.

Our professional biography writers are not constrained by the requirements of any specific tool or platform and can ensure that your site is exactly what you are looking for in every way. Our basic package allows for up to 5 pages of perfectly designed content that is guaranteed to meet your expectations. Should you feel that anything needs updating then we allow for an unlimited number of revisions until you are totally happy with the results.

Our experts are highly qualified with post-graduate degrees and have many years of experience providing support in this area. They work directly with you at all times and are able to not just provide you with something that looks good; it will be effective also. They know how to utilize the keywords that recruiters and others within your industry will use when searching for what you have to offer. Their skills will ensure that you will show up in relevant searches.

If you want your personal website portfolio to really make you stand out and give you the results that you are looking for, just contact our highly skilled specialists here today.