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Writing an Amazing Lawyer Biography in 6 Easy Steps

When potential clients are browsing your law firm’s website, one of the first things they look at is the About page, which includes a lawyer biography for each member of your firm. You want to make sure that you stand out from your peers by writing exactly what your clients will hope to hear. The writing process can be boiled down to 6 simple steps as outlined below. Explore how to write a politician biography in the right way here.

Some of the most famous lawyers in history have been quite some characters, to say the least. There’s no reason why you can’t follow their lead in the age of the Internet. Your bio doesn’t have to be a boring and straightforward outline of your admission to the Bar and your professional and academic qualifications. It doesn’t hurt to show a little personality and it may even attract a whole new set of clients who couldn’t otherwise relate to you.

Examples of the Best Biographies

One of the best ways to learn the skills required to write a top profile to display proudly on your law firm’s website is to take a look at a successful lawyer bio sample. Learning by example is one of the best modalities for getting to grips with new skills and reading through a lawyer bio sample or two is no different.

Run through a list of lawyers who have really made it big through their engagement with the public and you’ll see how easy it can be to improve your profile. Some of the most famous lawyers with great biographies include the ones below.

  1. professional lawyer biography

    Image credit: washingtonspeakers.com

    Ben Stein is perhaps one of the most famous attorneys you could think of. Surprisingly, though, this probably isn’t because of his legal work. You’ve probably seen or at least heard of his Emmy award-winning game show which ended in 2003. His biography is a truly awe-inspiring read and is as varied as is possible for any one human being to have.

  2. Bob Dole is a classic example of a firmly held worth ethic that allowed him to branch out and excel in a number of areas. While continuing his legal practice he became deeply involved in a number of different programs designed to tackle poverty and hunger around the world. Such humanitarianism is admirable and his biography is peppered with all kinds of examples of his generous spirit.
  3. Ivan Gašparovič is one of the most notable lawyers and political leaders of modern Eastern Europe. He taught law at his alma mater for many years before becoming the president of Slovakia, a position he held for ten years. His biography demonstrates that he went on to address many of his concerns about poverty and sustainable development, working closely with the United Nations.

lawyer biography tipHow to Write the Biography of a Lawyer

You’ll quickly see from the most popular lawyer bio example texts that length is not your primary consideration, unlike when writing a resume or other such document. The most useful lawyer bio example for you is anyone to which you feel a personal connection, and it should be noted that your clients feel the same way. Learn from the positive aspects of attorney and lawyer profiles you like the look of and you’ll soon find out how best to engage the appropriate kinds of clients.

  • One of the biggest concerns about composing your biography has to do with writing style. Whether you choose to use first person or third person pronouns depends on a number of varied factors. If you work in an emotional sphere like a family law then the personal touch that first person writing provides is ideal. Otherwise, stick to the third person.
  • However, you choose to proceed with writing a biography of a lawyer who deserves to work with all the best clients, make sure you proofread your work before publishing it. A spelling error here or a grammatical mistake there can turn you straight from a hero into a zero, so beware.
  • It should go without saying, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget to include contact details in their profile. Just because this information is available elsewhere on your website, there’s no reason not to add it to your profile. It gives your clients immediately effective methods of communication while you and your practice are still on their mind.
  • Focus on why you do the job you do rather than just explaining what your position entails. Your clients will want to see what makes you tick. If your reasons fit in with their preconceived notions of what they’d expect from their attorney, then it’s all the better for you.
  • Make note of your achievements in your local community as well as your professional endeavors. A concise list of your accomplishments can be very helpful in fleshing out your biography in a way that’ll be beneficial to your legal practice.

Find some tips on how to write a band bio here.

If you’re struggling with writing a lawyer biography that truly demonstrates who you are and how you can help your prospective clients, you’ll benefit from working with a professional writer for hire. We collaborate with the finest legal writers in the business to craft exactly the kind of biography you’ve been looking for. Hire one of our experts and you’ll boost the number of clients on your books in quick fashion.

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