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How to Write Good Realtor Biography

Purpose of the Realtor Biography

realtor biographyThe real estate agent biography is an effective marketing tool that realtors can use to attract new clients. Anybody looking to use the services of a realtor wants to know that they are dealing with somebody who is both capable and trustworthy. A good biography needs to display the agent’s credentials in the field and convey a sense of integrity. There is plenty of competition in the real estate industry and you need to take advantage of every tool at your disposal. An effective biography is an inexpensive and effective way to attract new clients and remain competitive in the industry.

Display Your Real Estate Expertise

Your biography should convince the reader that you are the right person to handle their real estate transaction. The best way to accomplish this is to show that you have the skills and experience to provide the service they need. Your bio should include how many years of experience you have in the industry and where it was gained. If you have received any industry related awards or special recognition this should also be included. A realtor bio should contain enough professional background information to establish your credentials, but not so much that the reader is overwhelmed.

Use a Realtor Biography Sample as a Writing Guide

Reviewing a good example of a realtor’s bio can be useful when it is time to write your own. It will give you some idea of the type of content to include and how that information should be presented. A typical biography for a realtor will follow a format similar to the following:

  • Introduction: Open with who you are and what it is you do. Include the geographic area that you cover and if applicable, your specific area of expertise.
  • Professional background: Establish your credentials but don’t bury the reader with too much information.
  • Personal information: Some personal details concerning things such as hobbies, pets and family are a good way to make a connection with the reader. Don’t get too personal or include anything that could be controversial. Mentioning you are married with two children in high school will help the reader view you as a real person and is a potential connection for readers with families of their own.
  • Contact information: Don’t make a potential client have to look for your contact information. Make sure it is easily available.

A realtor biography sample can be a good writing guide but don’t copy. The best bios are unique and make the realtor stand out from the crowd.

Tips and Suggestions for Writing a Realtor Bio

The following tips may prove useful when writing your own bio:

  • Don’t sell in your bio. The biography is not the place to make a sales pitch and will tend to turn off the reader. The best way to sell yourself is by showing how you can help the reader.
  • Keep your biography brief. A typical bio for realtors is between 200 and 300 words. Use a concise style of writing that gets to the point.
  • Write in the third person and use a narrative style of writing. Adopt a friendly and personable tone but don’t be overly friendly
  • Proofread your biography and make sure all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors have been eliminated.

Writing an effective biography isn’t easy and it may take several revisions for you to get it just right. Another alternative is to use a professional bio writing service like the one we provide to create your biography. We specialize in writing professional biographies for any industry and purpose, whether it’s a realtor or a firefighter biography that you need.

Our Bio Writing Service

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