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How To Write Good Author Biography

What Is an Author Biography?

how to write an author biographyFrom the inside of a book cover to an introduction at a speaking event there are many reasons to write your author biography. It is a short and to the point personal summary of who you are and what you have written. It is also a document that will provide an insight as to who you are as a person rather than just a list of what you have published. Many readers want to know far more about an author than just where they have been published.

How Should an Author Bio be Written

Like any sort of writing you must consider the audience when you are writing your author bio or manager biography, a biography attached to a resume would be very different to one that you would use on your latest book. Target your audience carefully and think hard about what it is that they really want to know about you. Your bio however should follow the following guidelines:Write in a narrative style

how to write an author biographyWrite in a narrative style

how to write an author biographyUse the third person, you are writing about you.

how to write an author biographyDon’t use excessive detail in what you write

how to write an author biographyUse appropriate language, the reader should not be reaching for the thesaurus to understand your biography

how to write an author biographyEnsure that your personality shines through

Is It Really that Easy to Write an Author Biography?

how to write a good author bioMany authors although talented writers find it difficult to write about themselves, especially when they only have a very small space in which to say what they want to say. This is why many authors will turn to other professional writers who have more experience in writing biographies. Far better to use a professional that really understands how to create an impressive biography. Expert writers will fully understand what they can safely leave out of your biography and what needs to be included within your author biography to make it current.

We Will Write Your Outstanding Author Biography

author biographyWe are a specialized biography writing service that takes great care in ensuring that we meet the demands of our customers. We know the importance of tailoring your author biography to meet the application for which it is going to be used and our staff will work closely to ensure that all aims are met. Our staff are highly qualified writers and each has many years of experience in writing biographies for many different applications. We are fully confident in their abilities and this is why we can happily provide you with a full money back guarantee to cover every aspect of our business. If you are not happy with the bio that they produce then we will work with you to correct any issues without additional cost or we will return your money.

So if you need an effective and well written author biography written to the highest standards get in touch with our expert writers today!