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How to Write a Bio for Website

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Why Do You Need an Online Biography?

If you want to establish credibility for your business or even your personal website being able to show the experience and qualifications of those involved is vital. This is where an online biography comes in as it not only shows the users of the site who they are dealing with but also the search engines that the site is reputable. But writing an engaging professional bio website is not always easy and many people do struggle with the task.

website biography sample

How to Write a Bio for a Website

The following are some simple to follow tips for writing a bio for website and blog sites in a way that is going to satisfy the expectations of your visitors:

how to write a website biographyWho is your audience: this will dictate the content and style of your website biography. Once you know who your audience is you will be able to determine the impression that you are looking to make on them and will be able to write accordingly.

how to write a website bioWrite in the third person: refer to yourself as “He” or “She” rather than using “I”. This offers a far more professional approach to writing an online biography. You may also check a sample of professional biography to learn more about the format.

how to write a biography for a websiteOpen with a hook: your opening lines are like a newspaper article: they need to grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read more. Often this can be achieved by providing a notable achievement within those first few valuable lines.

Attention in Bio for WebsiteMaintain the attention of the reader with a clear flow: an online biography should be written in a narrative style as if you were writing a style. There should be a clear progression and flow throughout your biography allowing you to keep the reader’s attention throughout.

Brief Online BiographyBe as brief as possible: a biography for a website and most other applications really should be no more than around 300 words or a single page. Any more than this and you are likely to lose the attention of the reader. It’s also important to recheck how bio will look like on your website.

Concise Online BioRemain concise with your writing: if it is not needed don’t mention it within your biography. Stick to the purpose of your biography, like when writing bio for CMO don’t write about your hobbies, and if that is to sell your professionalism in your field then that is what you should ensure is conveyed to the reader of your bio.

No boasting in website biographyDon’t overdo the boasting: while you want to show that you are qualified and experienced you want to do so without overdoing it and using phrases such as “the very best.” Establish your credentials with your most notable highlights rather than trying to list everything you have ever done.

Friendly Online BioBe friendly: the style and tone of a bio are far less formal than what you would use within a resume however you do not want to go too far with the friendliness. Don’t use informal words or slang, of course, just keep the tone friendly.

Personal Information in Website BiographyProvide personal information: you want to also show your “human side” within your bio rather than having it repeat all of the major points from your resume. A few lines that mention small facts about your family life or hobbies is usually enough to cover this.

Language in Online BioUse language that is appropriate for your audience: don’t try to use words that people will have to use a dictionary to understand or acronyms or slang that they may not understand. This rule doesn’t concern scientific biographies written for conferences, etc.

Cliches in Biography OnlineAvoid the use of clichés within your bio: using phrases such as “thinking outside the box” may sound cool but it makes your bio read like so many others. Make your bio unique and in your own words. Same as in a resume, try to avoid very common adjectives and verbs.

Proofread Biography for WebsiteRewrite, rewrite, edit and proofread your bio: few people can produce their very best on the first attempt nor will many of us write perfectly without any errors. So be prepared to write several versions and ensure that you proofread very carefully to avoid any possible errors.

Online Biography Sample

We Can Help with Your Online Biography

If you are thinking, how to write a professional bio for website or blog sites, then just contact us. We are a professional biography writing service that uses only highly educated and skilled English speaking writers to provide our clients with highly engaging bios. Our services are highly affordable as well as being covered by a full satisfaction money back guarantee.

So if you need help with your online biography contact our professional bio writers today!