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How to Create a Perfect Social Media Biography

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The Importance of Your Social Media Biography

First impressions count just as much on social media as they do anywhere else in your professional and social life. But the problem with writing a social media biography however is the space in which you have to fit it. Being able to make a good impression in less than 160 characters in some instances can take some doing. Within this post we will help you with writing a professional bio for the most popular social networks.

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How to Write a Twitter Bio That Grabs Employer’s Attention

Everyone is on Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter profile then you may as well not exist for many on social media, but nailing your profile in just 160 characters can be a real challenge:

social media biographyBe accurate about who you are and what you do within your bio.  So if you are in PR say so and don’t waste the space trying to be funny at the expense of what the reader really wants to know.

social media biographyTarget your niche and industry so that you can interact with people that are just like you.  So if you are into world travel make sure that you use related keywords such as “globetrotter” within your bio.

social media biographyShow what you can actually do. People are more likely to trust and follow someone that has actually achieved something rather than just saying that they can do it. So if you have started a successful business say so, just saying “entrepreneur” without backing it with a business may just indicate that you are a “wannabe”.

Whatever you do remain concise and targeted to what you want to achieve through your bio and remember that you also have an opportunity to provide a link which could go to your own personal website with a more in depth biography about yourself.
social media biography twitter

Best Bio for Facebook Is What We Are Good At

A quick click on the “about tag” on someone’s Facebook page can bring up a wealth of information about that person, the following are some suggestions as to how to write the best bio for Facebook in just 160 characters:

social network bio examplesEnsure that what you write is concise and relevant to the people that you are wanting to network with. Think carefully about who is going to be reading your bio and provide what they will be looking for.

social network bio examplesDon’t be unprofessional within your bio with regards to how you speak about others. Many people on Facebook fall into the trap of treating it as an area for playground style gossip and petty squabbles. Ensure that your bio and your posts also do not fall into this trap if you want your bio to be taken seriously.

social network bio examplesYour photo says as much about you as the bio so ensure that it is relevant to the image that you wish to portray through your bio. Choose a picture that is professional and actually of you if you are promoting your business or yourself.

Facebook is a hugely trafficked site and having a relevant well-written bio can help you grow your following and the amount of influence that you can exert through the site.
social media biography facebook

Here Is How to Write a Linkedin Bio Like a Pro

In many ways, your LinkedIn profile has now replaced your resume and many recruiters will either directly recruit through LinkedIn or will refer to the site to find out more about you, the following are some tips on how to write your LinkedIn bio:

how to write a twitter bioBe professional. While this may be a social network by name, it is not a place for witty comments or sarcasm. Ensure that you keep your bio concise and to the point and that it fully meets what any future employer or customer would expect to see from you.

best bio for facebookKeywords and keyword phrases are vital to be found within LinkedIn. If you are project manager looking for additional employment ensure that you actually use the words “project manager” within your bio along with other phrases and qualifications that may be searched for such as “PMP”

how to write a linkedin bioDemonstrate your skills, don’t just state them. Use clear and concise examples that show the reader what you have achieved while using your skills. Where possible add actual figures such as business gained in $ to further emphasise your abilities.

social media biography linkedin

Get Professional Help with Your Social Media Biography

No matter where you need to post your social media biography you should be looking to provide a consistent message across the different platforms that you use. We provide professional biography services that are covered by a full money back guarantee.

tips on writing social media biography

So if you need help with social media biography, contact our
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