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Good PHD Biography

Is a Good PhD Biography Important?

phd biographyA poorly written PhD biography either as part of your own academic writing or for resume or other purposes could come back to haunt you. Academic writing has to be spot on and completely error free so failing to take care of your PhD bio as part of a paper could see that paper rejected. You need to ensure that your social media biography is perfectly written and reflects you well so that it will not affect any future choices that you wish to take.

How Should Your PhD Biography Be Written?

Firstly you need to consider the purpose of the biography; is it to establish your credibility for a paper you have written or is it to help you find a job? Every biography including counselor biography is written with a specific purpose in mind even if it is just to inform other members of the faculty who you are. But what you write will have an impact one way or another so keep the purpose firmly in mind when you write. When you write you should:

  • Write about yourself using the third person
  • Use a narrative style of writing
  • Mention your own name and position within the opening sentence
  • Cover your professional activities and any recognitions
  • Use normal everyday language, don’t write as if you have swallowed a thesaurus
  • Avoid the use of excessive details or information
  • Stay relevant to the purpose of your biography
  • Write in a way that highlights your personality
  • Mention something personal about yourself if appropriate

Help with Writing a Good PhD Bio

Not everyone is skilled at writing a good biography; PhD level biography writing can be especially challenging. If you are having problems writing your own biography or just don’t have the time then you should contact a professional writing service for effective help. You would call a professional to un block your drains so why not call one to help with something as important as writing your biography?

We Can Write Your PhD Biography

This is why it is not unusual for people to turn to us with crafting a good PhD biography or computer biography. Our highly skilled, experienced writers are expert in drawing out the right information to write informative and effective biographies which will make you stand out. They will look at the purpose of your biography and use their skills and experience to write a highly personal and focused unique biography that will reflect you perfectly. If you would like your PhD biography or profile written by one of the very best writers in the industry just contact us today.

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