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Creating Organization Mission Statement Step by Step

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Why Do You Need an Organization Mission Statement?

organization mission statementA mission statement clearly states the direction that your company is moving in with regards to its goals as well as defining its culture and values. A well-written corporation mission statement will not just communicate to everyone what the company is about it will also provide your company and the staff with a common purpose to work towards. Writing a corporate purpose statement, however, is not an easy task and many companies will hire consultants and other help to get one written.

How to Write Your Organization Mission Statement?

Writing a mission statement is not something that should be trusted to someone that does not know what they are doing, after all it is going to define where your company is heading and how you are going to get there. Many companies end up with a very generic mission statement that could fit almost any company and does not really mean anything. They are full of clichés and unattainable statements that really do not reflect what the company wants. If you want to write an effective organization mission statement then you need to:

  • Stick to less than a page, longer than this prevents you from really thinking about the core functions of your business and makes it less memorable.
  • Cover all of the following questions:
    • Who is your company exactly?
    • What does the company do? Why do you do it?
    • Which markets do you serve?
    • What benefits do you offer to your customers?
    • What problems do your products or services solve?
    • How do you value your employees? What working environment do you want for them?
    • Do you aim to make a profit for the shareholders or owners?
    • How does your business relate to the community? What do you give back?
    • How does your business relate to the environment? How do you protect it?
  • Avoid the use of any form of clichés or meaningless statements.
  • Proofread very carefully indeed to avoid any possible errors.

We Can Write You an Effective Organization Mission Statement

We are professional business writing service that can help you to define and craft your effective organization mission statement or a brand statement. We use only MBA or PhD educated writers that have many years of experience in writing mission and vision statements for businesses of all sizes in many different industries. Through us, you get access to expertise that can help ensure that you will be provided with a unique and well-written statement that will cover all of the areas that you statement needs to cover. In addition to the best writers we also provide you with:

  • A rapid turnaround with guaranteed delivery within your deadline
  • Highly affordable confidential bio writing services
  • Unique writing at all times
  • Proofreading to prevent errors
  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee

So if you are looking for the very best online help with your organization mission statement just contact our experts here today for help that you can trust.