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How to Create an Awesome Bio for Facebook: Fact-Sheet

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An Awesome Bio for Facebook: Why and How?

Facebook has always been one of the leading online platforms where people visit on a daily basis. This means more opportunities for growing businesses that have some unique ideas to offer to their prospective and existing customers. This is perhaps the very reason why you need to ensure that you have an impressive bio on this platform.

The major issue has always been the fact that most people trying to send one message or two about their ideas don’t really have impressively written bios. As a result of this they don’t attract the number of visitors or subscribers that they are supposed to. The truth is that having a very good idea that can add value to lives isn’t good enough as you need something extra to convince your audience about your credibility. This is where you need the right skills to craft an impressive bio.

The major aim of this post is to help you develop the needed skills on how you can easily write an impressive Facebook Bio. What you are about to discover are some tips that are very simple but at the same time powerful. By the time you will have finished reading this post, there is no doubt that you will be wondering what actually took you this long to discover it. How to create a perfect social media biography? Here is the answer for you.

Ideas for Facebook Bio Section

bio for facebook examplesWhen writing your bio for facebook, you should take notice of several things. First of all, many people will read it, not only your closest friends. Thus, ensuring it is written in plain language, addressing the reading warmly and respectfully is vital. You can either focus your bio on marketing yourself or your business, that’s up to you. Below are some vital tips that you should always take note of once you are writing your Facebook bio.

  • Flaunt what you’ve got. Hey! This isn’t a time or place to sound too official. What you need is to try and sound as professional as you can while you still brag about your ability. Don’t ever write an empty bio on Facebook without flattering yourself a bit. It makes you look and sound different from others.
  • Be conversational. Getting too official isn’t wrong but it could really hurt your reputation and the rate at which you are supposed to build your subscribers. Be as friendly as you can in your choice of words. Make statements that will put a smile on the face of your target audience – having a funny bio for Facebook is also a good idea.
  • Being concise. A bio isn’t where you will be telling stories that are irrelevant to your audience. It is only a summary or glimpse of what you can do. You can still be concise and conversational at the same time. Here is a concise statement that has both features: “Always give your 100 percent, unless you’re donating blood”.
  • Open your bio with a catchy sentence. Writing something unexpected at the beginning will ensure the reader keeps reading your bio. Plus, they will remember it, which is kind of the point of a personal biography.
  • You can use humor when writing it. Facebook is not a serious platform so you can play with your text until you feel it captures your essence.
  • Write for your target audience. You can’t please everyone. So make sure your biography resonates with your ideal reader.
  • Don’t write everything about you. Pick the most relevant facts yourself and explain them through personal anecdotes, stories, and examples.
  • End with a memorable phrase. The beginning and end are the parts more important from your bio, as people will be remembering them. Ensure you end your biography with something people will remind.

quotes from facebook bios

Try to Be Very Targeted

Creating bios on social media platforms demand some level of creativity and this is where you will need to think outside the box. You need to be as targeted as you can by using links where necessary. It could be linked to your company or other of your pages around the same site. You may find also here some tips on writing biography, together with examples of 10 greatest biographies of all times. Our expert writers have outlined useful tips that you can follow when writing bios for facebook. Take a look at them:

  • Know your target audience. Your message needs to resonate with their interests. Make sure you know what they are looking for and what challenges they are trying to resolve.
  • Understand your audience’s needs before you write your bio. This will help you to tailor your bio according to your ideal reader. When doing it, you will successfully connect with your audience.
  • Explore creative ways to say you are an expert in the field. Positioning yourself as the best option without being too egocentric is quite a task. Thus, creativity is your best option for explaining it.
  • Keep it short. Remember people don’t have tons of time to read your bio so you will need to be able to capture their attention from the beginning. Telling valuable information in less than a minute is your best option if you want people to read your biography.

Be Sure to Proofread It

Your credibility could be in danger if your target audience begins to discover some grammatical errors in your bio. Be sure that you have read it over and over again and that it flows naturally. If you want to be 100% sure your bio is flawless, make sure you contact our services. Our professional writers have extensive experience with Facebook bios. A biographer for hire can help you:

  • Write an original and professional biography based on your personal story and resume. Before writing your bio, our writers will have a chat with you to ensure they capture your personality and transmit it to your bio.
  • Proofread your biography. Our professional team of skilled writers will revise your bio and make sure all the I’s are dotted, and all the T’s are crossed.
  • Edit your text. We work with professional editors to ensure it is perfect. They will go through your bio as many times as needed to make sure it targets your ideal reader and that it contains all the relevant information about yourself.
  • Write any type of bio. If you need to write a biography for your personal website, a PR handout, or your resume, our professional bio writers can help you with it.

There are experts that can help you create an awesome bio for Facebook today without a stress.