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How to Write Biography for Website That Doesn’t Sound Boring: 6 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you like to write about yourself or not, your professional biography is a must nowadays and if you underestimate the significance of it the bright perspectives of your career or brand can be undermined. The thing is, no other thing like professional biography is able to uncover your strengths with the actual facts given and tell people about your expertise, experiences, and qualifications. A professional bio is a powerful tool in the hand of any entrepreneur or professional to create the trust and look credible in the eyes of the potential customers, as you can learn from our COO bio writing.

Many people question themselves what elements are the perfect ones to include in such document, the others delay the writing to indefinite time or restrain from bragging about their past. There’s no perfect way for crafting your website bio and no universal rule as the standards will vary from industry to industry, however, with certain information you can get the hang of where to start, learn how to structure and figure out how to finish one.

biography for website infographics

Bio for Website: Great Structure – Greater Impact

Everything starts with a great structure. Basically, a professional biography for the website is a story shaped version of your company history or your history as a professional. The not restricted format is leaving you the room for the experiments within the optimal length of 160 characters, still, try to stick to the basic structure suggestions, typically bio consists of:

  • Current job, business or professional experience
  • Publications or presentations you have completed
  • Professional memberships you currently hold
  • Awards, honors, and certifications you have received
  • Contact information

Almost every successful biography nowadays starts with a story, it’s called the storytelling. Stories fancy people’s imagination, compel them and they start following the line even if initially the topic seemed to be boring. Stories are the best way to engage people to focus on your case and the professional biography is the best place to do that.

Hint: There’s a story on the web resembling yours. You only need to find it.

Hint№2: May all of your buzzwords be the part of your story. Sprinkle them when needed and your biography will flourish in the nearest time.


Inventing Your Story

Every story has a universal structure leading from problem to the resolution, there’s also a complication moment somewhere in between but remember that the greatest and the most memorable stories are always simple.

Here’s a great example:

“Once upon a time we’ve been searching for a great present for our friend and unfortunately faced the problem that there was no decent shop found that was selling the exact thing we needed, eventually we were forced to make everything on our own. Guess what? The present turned out to be cool and we’ve been doing presents ever since when one day we woke up and realized we were really popular.”

Seems simple but it’s a type sentence that inspires people and involves the emotion on the personal level, you shared a little valuable experience and you’re happy to communicate your audience.

Variation with a social value:

“During our trip to Africa we’ve seen so many orphans and children from poor families that we decided to give out every buck from the purchase of our store to the orphanages, even though the sales were really low. Maybe it’s God’s help but in fact, since then sales jumped tremendously so now we can help children even better.”

You also can try to write the type of story that is oriented on the values of personal spiritual growth or self-improvement.

Spiritual version:

“Each and every member of our staff has been looking for the field of self-expression when they started working in___retail company and now their expectations are fully met because we provide the perfect working environment and value creative employees over all.”

In philosophical narration you may also focus on the concept of the brand.

Philosophical version:

“With our brand we share the meta-modernism values and solve the dilemmas of the modern fashion trends.”

5 Essentials for Considerations:

  • Mention the influences that had a great influence on your professional career or story but avoid over-staffing the names, select them carefully.
  • Regularly update your profile with new information and notable accomplishments social reviews you gained and lineup updates, etc.
  • Always have professional to proofread the final version of your bio to fix all the grammar and spelling gaps or to ask the professional biography writing services.
  • Don’t make the introduction too long, cut the rubbish words out of your story and get to the point.
  • Add the photo to your bio page, if it is a corporate web-site biography it is better to set the separate page for mentioning all your employees, this way you honor them and gain the trust of your customers as the customers actually get to know you’re real.

image credit: pixel-push.com


image credit: pixel-push.com

6 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid:

Using the first person for narrative

Even if you’re an individual professional always use the third person for writing the professional bio, the exceptions could only be made for the social profiles.

Starting with the beginning

Remember that it is the common feature for professional bios to be structured chronologically backwards and the reasons for that is that the first thing that comes to the eye should be your current experience and relevant professional field of competence.

Quirky or difficult language

No reader will be blown off with your excessive eloquence and the quirky sentence embellishments and instead of attention-grabbing the trick will do exactly the opposite. Many writers are also tempted to write a novel, it is also ineffective approach and such bios are usually skipped and ignored by the readers as they feel no motivation to read piles of boring self-descriptions.


image credit: blog.bufferapp.com

Personal memoir

If it’s truly professional bio you are going to create, forget once and forever about describing your family and personal information, don’t mention how many children you have, don’t brag about your college degrees, no mentions about your marital status and personal leisure activities.


Don’t make up any kind of information about yourself or your company, even if it seems for you like not a big deal to include some skills embellishments don’t try to exaggerate because it may affect your credibility and image when the truth gets uncovered.

Narcissist claims

“The greatest company of the generation,” “the most effective top manager in decades,” “the most successful therapist of all time” simply won’t do the trick.


image credit: blog.bufferapp.com

4 Seo Tricks on How to Optimize Biography for Website

1. Select your keywords, target your auditory.

Your biography just like any other web site page should be aimed at particular auditory interests and you should be seen as an expert of the craft or business you represent.

According to research of PayScale Inc. study Schwabel was involved in, 65% of managers want to hire and promote subject matter experts.

In order to find out the most appropriate keywords you need to know what you’re best at and then find the appropriate ones using online tools like: Google keyword planner, Alexa, SemRush and ect.

Use the right buzzwords. Avoid buzzwords that are no longer popular, overused or those become the cliché. Check out the Twitter Bio Generator and Silly Twitter Bio to see some bio clichés in action just for fun.


image credit: blog.bufferapp.com

2. Get a bright headline

You have 120 characters to convince your reader that’s a piece of text that worth attention. Be sure to include the main keyword that you selected for the audience targeting, there’s a better chance for you to appear in search results if you use keywords in H1, H2 and H3 headlines. For headings use H1, for subheadings H2 and H3 for subheading of the next level. Don’t forget to customize URL appropriately so people will find you easily.

3. Provide links to the interesting content

Include a blog to your biography page or site so that you could share the content you deem relevant and interesting with your auditory and clients, they will love the content = they will love you. If you create a bio on the linkedIn use the publisher or external blog for this, the better option for this will probably be to hire the professional writer who knows all the specifics of your industry. This trick shows that you have a great understanding of the market you’re working in.

4. Optimize the images

The best practice advice for images is to add an Alt text to them as this is the additional good way of page optimization.


image credit: neilpatel.com

Search engines can determine if your texts are relevant but they can’t read what’s on your picture, that’s why you need to give them a hint by naming a picture according to the keyword you selected.

When you making the website bio it is important to always keep in mind your target audience, try to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Audience will look at your professional bio as a first step to learn about your company, understand what you do, establish the first connection with your brand. Modern requirements to professional bios demand great marketing writing skills to make your audience tick and capture their attention from the first glance. With the right guidance you can be sure your bio is a selling and efficient tool of bringing new customers and retaining the old ones.

Don’t know how to write a biography for website? We sure can help you! Call us today!