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Best Social Media Bios for Business: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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There is no change in the basic rules for the growth of any business. Intensive advertisement through branding of products and services always remain one the most influencing factor for sales leads of any business. Communication with the public through Facebook branding remains a key source of publicity all over the globe, but it is very expensive and time-consuming option of advertisement. Today, the trend of digital communication has been evolved rapidly thanks to being an inexpensive and fast source of advertisement. Social media is the essential part of digital communication and it provides quantifiable results of sales and leads to measure the growth of any business. That’s why, to write the social media for a doctor, it is better to read the best doctor biography sample on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

According to McKinsey, “the companies that use social media as advertisement source of their business can see the increase in customer satisfaction up to 50 percent, increase in business leads up to 48 percent and increase in revenue up to 24 percent”. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the most used social media sites that are fulfilling the needs of digital communication for the businesses very successfully. As Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have billions of users all over the world, so competition among the bios that are written for business platforms has become much more. People only like and visit the pages of best social media bios for business. However, writing social media bios is a very critical task because it compels the readers to visit the page.

Good and bad examples of Facebook bio

Following are some of the best social media bio examples and worst.

facebook bio example   facebook bio sample

Interesting Facts About Impact of Social Media on Global Development

There is no doubt in this fact that social media has become a major factor in growth or decline of any business in the entire regions of the globe. To prove this claim, the following are some statistics about the impact of social media on global business.

  • When Netflix make an announcement of an increase in its price structure, a quick storm of 82,000 negative comments was raised against the decision of Netflix. The impact of this social media campaign resulted out in the form of 800,000 customer loss and two third reductions in market value.
  • 71% customers, who receive a positive response through social media, recommend purchasing from that company.
  • Almost half of total social media users, get engaged with brands numerous times within one month.
  • 95% adults having age limit 18-34 use social networking sites to follow the brand.
  • All over the globe, almost one million social media users are added everyday via mobile.
  • 96% of the persons who make online discussion of brands do not check owned profiles of these brands.
  • As compared to written content, visual content is shared 40 percent more on social media.

steps in writing social media bios

Objective and Elements of Facebook Bio for Business Development

Today, it has become compulsory for the retailers to make Facebook account to sell their products due to day-by-day rising trend of viewing the product range as well as choosing the products through Facebook page of particular brand or advertisement of brand products at various pages of Facebook. The trend can be predicted by online purchase statistics through Facebook in 2014-15, it was 36% in 2014 while 52% in 2015. Today, Facebook has become a communication link between consumer and retailer for more than 50 million small businesses. Similarly, the trend of video marketing through Facebook pages has become highly influencing and recommended marketing strategy. This thing can be proved by the fact that only in February 2016; 4.4 million videos were uploaded on the Facebook for the marketing purpose and 199 billion views were generated for these videos. All these statistics reveal the several goals behind making a Facebook account for advertisement of products and services of your brand.

Facebook bio: the source of finding you on Facebook

The Important thing is that, how your customer will find you at Facebook because your customer will not particularly search the name of your business for buying his desired product, he will only write the name of a concerned product. So, this is your Facebook short bio that shortlists your business page due to those keywords which are searched by the people to find their desired product. To make Facebook account, everyone needs to write Facebook bio. However, writing the professional Facebook bio is definitely an art because it includes those elements which make it easy for the consumers to find your Facebook page. Let’s see, what are the bio components of Facebook account?

Bio components of Facebook account

  • Name and Nature of Business or profession
  • Keywords about your expertise or product features
  • Emoji and Hashtag of your brand
  • Company’s Official URL or Other social media Links
  • CTA

Lots of bio examples for Facebook are available on the internet but only short and professionally written have potential to attract the visitors.

Objectives and Elements of Instagram Bio For Business Development

Use of Instagram in business development is more than Facebook and Twitter. This thing can be revealed by this fact that people are visiting world’s top on Instagram at the rate of 4.21%. This figure is 120 percent more as compared to Twitter and 58 percent more as compared to Facebook. However, not types of businesses are advertised on Instagram. As compared to financial services, media brands are advertised much more at Intagram. Another interesting fact about Instagram is that 90 percent users of Instagram are youngsters having age below than 35.

Instagram bio: the source of finding you on Instagram

Like other social networking sites, writing the professional bio at Instagram is the only source of finding you on Instagram during a search of Instagram users for the beloved product. Instagram bio along with product photo reflects the introduction of your business as well as key features of products and services offered by your brand. However, your Instagram bio must be equipped with all necessary elements that are necessary to make a powerful bio as well as make the search of your business easy at Instagram. To know about these mandatory elements of Instagram, just have a look at the following lines;

Bio components of Instagram account

  • Name and Nature of Business or profession
  • Keywords about your expertise or product features
  • Emoji and Hashtag of your brand
  • Company’s Official URL or Other social media Links
  • CTA

facebook short bio writing help

Objectives and Elements of Twitter Bio For Business Development

From the business point of view, Twitter is definitely considered a trustworthy and fast social media network. At no other social media platform, people get such a quick response to their question than twitter. According to recent research, 78% people get a response to their complaints at Twitter within one hour. There is another interesting fact about Twitter that people like to make their accounts on Twitter, but feel difficulty in operating and maintaining these accounts. This fact can be supported by this research that only 328 million Twitter users can be seen active among total Twitter accounts of 1.3 billion.

Twitter bio: the source of finding you on twitter

If you want to advertise your brand on Twitter then the only thing that compels the readers to go into details of your products and services is the bio that you write on Twitter to introduce you. Obviously, when anyone reads your twitter bio, he will analyze the worth and specialties of your brand by this short description and then will decide to see the product range of your brand or not. To make your twitter bio powerful and impressive, it is necessary to include all those elements into your bio that are considered essential for a good Twitter bio. Let’s have a look at these key elements of Twitter bio;

Bio components of Twitter account

  • 1 Name and Nature of Business or profession
  • Keywords about your expertise or product features
  • Emoji and Hashtag of your brand
  • Company’s Official URL or Other social media Links
  • CTA

Steps to Create Bio For All Social Media

Following are the steps to create a bio for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Name and nature of business or profession. The first thing that you should mention in your social media bio after writing the name is the nature of your business. You should write your name in such manner that it would also include your profession or nature of the business.
  • How to mention the name and nature of your business? After writing the name, you can use a small line to mention your professions along with the name. For example, if you want to drag the attention of people who are interested in professional writing or editing for publishing work, you can write your bio as “I am a professional publisher and have written and edited many articles for magazines.
  • Keywords about your expertise or product features. Don’t’ forget to include the famous but related keywords in your social media bio that people usually write at the search bar to find the products relevant to your brand.
  • How to write keywords about your skills or characteristics of product? You should mention the category of your products and services in the form of these keywords to make it easy for the people to find your particular brand. These keywords play the most important role in making your social media account easily visible for the people who are looking for some relevant products or services.
  • Emoji and hashtag of your brand. Try to include the emoji to tell about the products of the brand due to having limited character space. Use the emoji as bullets to give line breaks and spaces between your information. Images of people that interact with your brand at Instagram make the real worth of your brand.
  • What is the purpose of inserting hashtag of a brand in social media account? The best way to collect the images of people who made interaction with your products is inserting the hashtag of your brand.  If you have some other social media accounts, you should also mention the hashtags of these accounts to make the access to your potential customers easier.
  • Company’s official URL or other social media links. You should also include the URL of your business or some other social media link to approach you.
  • How to make access of people easy to your brand? To make access of people easy to your company’s website, you should include the URL or other social media links in the bio for FB timeline. Similarly, to make the access to Instagram visitors easy up to product range of your business; you should include the website link to your business in your Instagram bio as well. While writing the Twitter bio, nothing is different.
  • CTA. To create a professional bio, it is also necessary to add CTA (Call to Action) to guide your customers what to do to contact you.
  • What is a way to approach you through social media? This is the way to tell the visitor how to approach you by adding the contact information of all types. You should never forget to include all your contact details in your Twitter bio to tell the reader what to do next.

writing bio for fb timeline

Maximum Allowed Characters for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Bios

  • Facebook allows the account holders to write their bio up to a maximum of 160 characters for 4 tiles, 220 characters for 3 tiles and 255 characters for 2 tiles. It is very critical and technical job to include all the bio components in such a limited number of characters.
  • Instagram allows the limit of 150 characters to write a professional but short bio to introduce you. That’s why it is very important to take Instagram bio help in such professional manner that it would cover all the necessary information about your brand.
  • Twitter allows the room of only 160 characters to write the bio. In this small allowed limit, you should put all the following mentioned elements of Twitter bio.

How to add bio on Facebook account:

  • At first, go to the profile page of your Facebook account.
  • Now click the Intro at the bottom left.
  • Now you can write a short bio and then click the Save button.

How to add bio to Instagram account:

  • First, go to the profile page of your Instagram account by tapping.
  • Now tap the button “Edit Profile” located at the top of the screen
  • Now you can write your Instagram bio and then click “Done”.

How to add bio to Twitter account:

  • Go to the profile page of your twitter account.
  • Now click the “Edit Profile” button that will allow you write the bio.
  • After writing the bio, click on “Save Changes”.

How Our Service Can Help You?

As writing the bio for social media is the art of introducing the personal profile of account holder or business profile of any company, so it must be very impressive and unique. However, confining all the elements of bio into short description is not an easy task. Either writing an artist bio or dance bio, every bio needs a limited word count for all the social networks. That’s why; people need the assistance of professional writers who can merge their professional information into few words. It doesn’t matter that you need twitter bio help or Instagram bio help; we offer best services in the form of short but comprehensive and appealing bio for any of your social media account. To know, how our service can help you and why we are the best bio writing service, just have a look at our salient features:

  • Writing short bio for all social media accounts
  • Writing short bio for new employee
  • Writing the bio for new businesses
  • Writing the bio for products and services
  • Availability of professional and experienced bio writer
  • Provision of direct communication with writers
  • Online 24/7 availability of customer service and professional writers
  • Cheapest price with best quality work
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Looking for some professional writing service that would be famous for writing best social media bios for business? Choose us for the best result.