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Which Actor Bio Can Make People Cry with Laughter

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If you’re in show business, the first thing you need to get right is your actor bio. Have one ready to hand out to interested directors and producers at a moment’s notice and you’ll get all the roles you deserve. If writing isn’t your strong point, you can always hire a professional biographer to cover all your bases. Becoming an actor is a difficult path and you’ll find that this prior preparation will really help you out. After all, theater biographies differ significantly from those of other professions to the extent that it’s not risky even to write a funny bio. If you’re a comedic actor, that’ll definitely work in your favor. And if you are interested in writing a dance bio, you can find all the necessary info for it here.

Why Write a Bio at All?

You might be forgiven for thinking that your resume is enough to land you your dream role, but you’d certainly be mistaken for thinking so. It’s important that you write a biography for a number of important reasons.

There are three main scenarios in which you’ll be expected to have a biography ready to go. You’ll certainly need to include one as part of your press kit, and making the biography of actor hopefuls on their books as amusing as can be is something your agent is probably thinking about. That’s not to mention that you owe it to your theater to put together an amazing bio that they can put in their program and other public relations and promotional material.

You never know where a press release can lead if someone in the upper echelons takes a shine to you. That’s another reason why the biography of actor professionals and amateurs alike should be available at the drop of a hat. To manage this, you have to prepare one in advance. Using a writer to help you is a great way to beat the rush.

Another common situation is that an industry insider might ask for a bio rather than a traditional resume. This helps them get a better of idea of who you are as a person and what you might be able to bring to the role in question. After all, your past roles may not accurately reflect the direction in which you’d like your career to progress. Your biography can help you forge your own path with the help of the right people alongside you.

Getting a Laugh Out of Your Acting Bio

If you’re going for a comedic role, you can afford to make your acting bio as funny as you like. Some of the best Hollywood biographies are hilarious, to say the least and when it comes to movie stars biography details are hardly short of supply. Make the most of this glut of information and check out some of the creative examples below. See what you can learn from the best in the business.

Kathy Griffin put together one of the funniest bios around for Entertainment Weekly, advertising her solo act on Broadway. Although she did this as a joke, and obviously to show off what she’s capable of, there’s still plenty to learn from when you read through it.

professional biography of actor

You’ll only half believe some of the stories that make their way into David Niven’s biography, entitled “The Moon’s a Balloon”. It only covers the first part of his life as he makes his way to Hollywood stardom, but that’s a good thing because it talks about everything you’re going through right now and much more besides.

What to Include in Your Bio

If you want to make your biography raise at least a couple of laughs as your reader runs through it, you’ll need to take a slightly unorthodox approach. Ordinarily, this would be considered bad advice, but when it comes to comedy anything goes and the more outlandish, the better. Follow the tips below to make sure that your tags don’t take over and ruin the overall impression you’re trying to give. Make use of the military bio samples provided here.

What to include in your actor bio

  • First and foremost, remember that your bio is not a resume. Though some of the source information overlaps, the writing style required by a biography differs significantly from that needed by a resume or CV. Don’t just reel off a list of achievements and roles played, but rather use this opportunity to write some irreverent and attractive prose.
  • Your biography is a chance to show who you are and not just what you are. Your work doesn’t define you fully so move away from the strictly professional state, nets and tell your reader who you really are and what you stand for.
  • Include your most impressive credits first. You should be using the “pyramid” format which starts at the pinnacle of your achievements and works its way down. If you’re making your debut, you can use this space to speak directly to your reader and enthuse them. This is easier than it sounds as you’re an unknown entity in their eyes, making sure that their non-existent expectations are no barrier at all.
  • Don’t be afraid of making a joke. Everyone likes to laugh and as long as it doesn’t take away from the overall impression that you’re a great comedic actor who really deserves a chance, you can write what you like. Get someone with experience to help you with this so that you make all the right calls. Hire a professional writer and you won’t go far wrong.

Using an expertly trained writer will really help you get the most out of your actor bio. You’ll be able to balance the comedy with a genuine expression of your unique capabilities. Get in touch with one of our biographers and see how far they can take you with the tips above and much more.

Maximize your potential when you work with an expert writer to craft the perfect comedic actor bio. It’s the best career investment you could possibly make.