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10 Greatest Biographies of All Time, What Is Common?

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What Can 10 Greatest Biographies of All Time Teach You?

The importance of developing the writing skills that are required to write a professional biography is something that cannot be exchanged for anything in the world. This means it is either you learn these skills and stand out amongst others in your field, or ignore them and pay the ultimate price of being left behind.

Learn the needed information to write a business biography yourself.

Over the years there have been different biographies which have been developed for different disciplines. While some have been good and convincing, others can’t even seem to pass the right message to their target audiences. What you are going to discover in this post are 10 greatest biographies of all time have been written over the years. This is good news if you have been struggling to make the right impression on your intended audience.

This is because all you need to do is to ensure that you just read them and then make all the necessary adjustments to ensure that your standout. The major aim of this post is to show some of those factors that have made those bios to really look impressive and to provide some tips on writing biography as well. Just carefully observe all of them and copy their writing style.

Biography 1

Businessman Biography

If you notice something about this one, you will observe that it is not too lengthy and yet sends the right message across. Also, the writer tried using a very simple writing style to communicate to his target audience.

Biography 2

Author Biography

This is another concise and straight to the point biography that avoids irrelevant comments. Notice the strong words such as best-selling author, columnist and the rest. They are meant to make her sound believable. You may just want to do well to pattern yours after this type of biography as it is very easy to learn and master.

Biography 3

Politician Biography

This is again very short and yet includes all the vital points that are required of a biography. Notice all her achievements being stated.

Biography 4

Businessman Bio

These are the exact words of Richard Branson in his best – selling book “losing my virginity”. What he is trying to do with this type of biography is to build on his credibility. He is not talking about his achievements but the motivation behind them.

Biography 5

Short Extract from Bio

This is an extract from the biography of shark tales in her book “how I turned $1000 into a multi-billion dollar empire”. It isn’t an empty statement but one that is meant to make you feel inspired and want to do something.

Biography 6

Inspiring Bio

This is an extract from the biography of Paul Allen telling you how ideas are generated easily. You can see that through such a statement, he tries to steer you towards seeing beyond the things around you.

Biography 7

Teaching Bio

This is an extract from the biography of Richard Brandt. It tries to tell you that every move or decision you make in life is a learning process that will contribute to making you a finished product.

Biography 8

Therapist Biography

Just notice how this one motivates you with the choice of words. The writer tells you that life is always about one challenge or the other. These are challenges that will bring out the best in you. It is short and powerful and can motivate any category of people.

Thinking of writing a bio on yourself? Visit this page and find a useful guide to do it.

Biography 9

Inspirational Biography

This is a piece from the biography of Jon Krakauer in “Into The Wild”. He tries to inspire people to do things which are different to assure their success.

Biography 10

Independent Biography

Anne Frank was an authority in her days and you can see why. This is a copy of her biography “The Diary of a Young Girl”. She tries to talk about an independent mind that makes its own decisions regardless of any kind of influences. This is a just a complete definition of self – actualization.

Do you want a biography that can be written just like some of the 10 greatest biographies of all time? There is no need to bother as professionals can help you out.