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What Makes Good Manager Biography?

Just What Is Your Manager Biography?

manager biographyA management biography as well as author biography or biography presentation is a simple short description of who you are and what you have achieved within your working life. Usually less than a page in length it should be a highly focused document that imparts a maximum amount of positive information about you as well as allowing the reader to see a little of your personal side. A manager biography has many uses from describing you on a company website through to giving the bank manager an idea of how safe their money is when applying for a loan. Obviously your profile would be written differently depending on who the target audience might be; while you may want to have an amusing anecdote included within your bio in the company magazine you would avoid it in the one seen by the bank.

What Should a Good Manager Biography Cover?

A manager biography does not have to cover your full life or employment history, nor should it be a copy of your resume. It is a snapshot of who you are as a person to let the reader know what you have done that is valuable and what sort of person you are. Your biography should cover all of the following:

  • Open with your name and your current position within the company
  • The first paragraph should be a summary of who you are with the detail in the following paragraphs, so it is best to write the first paragraph last
  • Body should have 2 to 4 paragraphs and should cover your main achievements and skills. Also briefly mention your main qualifications
  • Final paragraph should contain some personal information such as your marital status, number of children or even a short amusing anecdote
  • Depending on the purpose include your contact details

Does a Management Bio Have to Follow a Rigid Style?

The format that you use should be appropriate for where the manager biography is going to be used. Typically you will be asked to provide only a single page or even less. Your bio should be written in a narrative style, that is like telling a story and should be in the third person; about you. You should keep the language simple as it should be easy to understand and include your most recent accomplishments rather than ancient history. What you write should be targeted towards the specific use for the bio.

We Can Write Your Manager Biography

Many managers struggle with writing a managers biography due to many different reasons, this could be anything from not knowing what to leave out of such a short document to just not having enough time to complete it. If you need help with writing your biography you need only contact us. Our highly specialized service is focused on writing biographies for every application and our highly qualified and skilled staff are very experienced in providing high impact biographies. Whatever your biography needs are just get in touch and our experts will write you a winning manager biography.

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