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Tips on Writing Authors Biography

Writing Authors BiographyWriters know how important it is to have an authors biography but writing one on their own is something that they are not looking forward to exactly. Aside from the pressure of producing a well written bio, there is that fear of sounding too pompous or even be accused of being too humble if you skip some important aspects of you being a writer. Since your bio is what your audience will be looking for to get to know you better, you need to start thinking on what to include in your author’s bio.

What to Discuss in Your Authors Biography

Most writers are stumped when asked to write their own writers biography. If you are faced with the same task, here are the basics that should appear in your bio.

  • Facts about you. Yes, you. You are the author, therefore, your biography should represent who you are, what your works are, who were your inspirations, and so on.
  • Accomplishments and achievements. What accomplishments or achievements have you done so far that are related to your writing? Have you received an award or are mentioned in a popular newspaper or magazine? Write them down.
  • Personal life. Your bio should be more than just a list of what you’ve written and what your future projects will be. It should also contain some interesting tidbits about your personal life.
  • Recommendations. Do you have a mentor or fellow writer who loved your work? Ask them if they can give a recommendation or perhaps a quote regarding your work.

Tips to Writing a Biography of a Writer

  • Highlight your accomplishments – Go on. Don’t be shy. Share what you’ve accomplished so far. If you are just starting out as a writer, talk about your first published work.
  • Mention your awards – If you’ve received an award because of your writing, don’t hesitate to include it in your biography. This gives you more credibility as an author.
  • Talk about your degree – If your college degree is in line with your career as an author, add it to your biography. This is also a credential that can help make you an authority in your niche.
  • Read samples – There is much to be gained from reading other authors’ biography. Check out how they write their biography, what they talked about, and how they ended their bio as well.
  • Review and revise – No matter how good your first draft is, you still need to go over it several times not only to check if there are any grammar errors or missing punctuation but also to make sure that your bio reads the way you like it.

Need Help?

Sometimes having someone else write your authors biography or even a company biography can do you a world of good because they are in the best position to make your bio that more interesting. If you feel the need to hire a professional writer to build your biography, make sure that you choose our service. We guarantee that your bio will come out just the way you want it and more.

Choose our bio writing service today and we’ll make your biography stand out!

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