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Professional Markering Biography Writing

How to Create an Effective Marketing Biography

marketing biographyYour marketing bio summarizes your career and qualifications in the marketing field so that a reader can quickly determine your industry credentials. The professional bio is more than a more readable version of your resume. It is a marketing tool for your own skills and abilities. The main purpose of the professional marketing bio is to tell the reader what you do and establish your credentials for doing it. An effective bio will be written to achieve a purpose and target a specific audience. You must identify both purpose and audience in order to include the most appropriate content and present it in the best way.

Writing Basics for a Professional Marketing Bio

The basic guidelines for writing the biography are consistent for most purposes. The bio should be under one page in length, and it could be much shorter. Write in the third person using a narrative style like you were telling a story. Paragraphs should be brief so that the reader can easily scan the bio. Concise writing using easy to understand language is best. Avoid industry jargon and clichés in your bio. Use proper grammar and eliminate any spelling mistakes.

Establishing Your Marketing Credentials

When you present yourself as a marketing professional in the bio the reader will want to know what makes you qualified. You need to provide content that establishes your credentials. The content will come from a number of sources. Those sources are your 1) professional employment history, 2) awards, special recognition received, noteworthy achievements and membership in industry related organizations and 3) education and training you have received. You don’t have to include everything from these sources. Only provide content relevant to achieving your purpose. Not all your information will be relevant. Even so there will still probably be more information than you can fit in the bio. Select the information that most strongly supports your particular purpose and use those to establish your credentials.

Use Marketing Biography Examples as a Writing Guide

Reviewing examples of various marketing bios is a good way to pick up information about how to write your own bio. Here are some other tips and suggestions to help write your bio:

  • Include the most important information first. This increases the chances of it being seen.
  • Whenever possible quantify your achievements. “Increased sales by 20%” or “cut marketing overhead by 50 thousand dollars” is more impressive when the numbers are added as opposed to “increased sales last quarter” or “reduced expenses in my department.”
  • Use action words. Some good action words for marketing include:
    • Completed, expanded, exceeded, improved, pioneered, reduced, restored, succeeded, surpassed, transformed
  • Use a couple of personal details to establish a connection. Information about hobbies, family or other interests can create a connection with the reader. Don’t be too personal and steer clear of controversial subjects

It isn’t easy to write an effective biography. One alternative is to have our professional biography writing service do it for you. We specialize in writing all kinds of bio, from marketing to sport bio.

Market Your Skills with the Bio We Provide

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