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Professional Biography Sample

Check a sample professional biography created by our bio writer. Don’t hesitate to ask for our help today!

Born in XX, a tropical country in South America, Kate Swan was the last of three children born to a single mother who worked outside the home as a domestic helper. Because of the long hours required by her mother’s job, Kate was often left to the care of her uncaring elder sister. This led to a troubling childhood, one where she was subject to molestation, rape and physical as well as mental abuse.

Becoming a mother at the tender age of 14, Kate faced rejection from her siblings and mother as well as homelessness and hunger. Believing that her life was not worth the trouble any longer, she overdosed on prescription drugs in an attempt to end her own life. Yet, it seemed God had another plan for her, as He did not allow her to die on that fateful day. Instead, He pushed her towards an entirely different path for her life.

Despite the numerous hardships she has endured, Kate has risen above the insurmountable odds to become a voice for women and children forced to endure the same things she found herself experiencing as a child. With three boys of her own, however, she finds that speaking to men about changing their lives is just as important as empowering women.

To look at Kate you would never guess the terrible tragedies she has endured. To see her beautiful smile and experience her warm personality you would never believe that she has suffered at all. Yet Kate has overcome experiences that many would never imagine in their worst nightmares.

Once able to begin formal education, Kate studied Marketing, Wine and Fine Dining at XX University, Ealing London in the United Kingdom. She then achieved an Associate and Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from the XX College. She also completed an MBA with a concentration in Leadership at XX University.

Kate worked as a health care professional for many years before taking on the position of XX Department of XX, where she served for 16 years. This opportunity enabled her to work with a total of 50 different public and non-public schools as well as over 100 different cafeteria staff to create new school food programs.

Before this, however, she was able to supervise 50 different schools in the XX area, increasing participation in school and passing the State CRE/SMI Audit which had not happened in 15 years. This position, and her position as training manager before it, prepared her for the needs of the XX Department of Education.

Kate is passionate about making a difference in the lives of all those she comes into contact with. She is a phenomenal motivational speaker and author. Her life is a testament to all those who have been able to weather the storms and survive.

Don’t hesitate to ask for our help today!