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Meet Professional Service for Team Bio Creation

team bio writing service

The team bio is an “about us” page of an organization’s website which apart from giving information about the organization’s vision and mission, includes information about the set of people running the vision. A team bio, also known as a website team page, is very important as it gives a visitor to the website a great picture of the people running a particular organization and how they are better able to connect with them. Prospective customers, clients, and investors would be better inclined to patronize an organization with a very descriptive our team page content than one with just a simple “about us” page. Virtually any organization with a team of people running its vision can use a website team page; from a very formal business bio to the most informal and millennial-friendly one!

Knowing Your “Website Team” Page And “About Us” Team Page

A website team page is basically an “about us” page for any organization, it’s just more elaborate and descriptive. A standard “about us” page would typically contain an organization’s vision and mission statements, a summary of their products and or services, their contact details and those of their subsidiaries if they are a large company with a chain of companies or branches in various locations.  A website team page, however, takes the definition of about ‘us’ beyond vision and mission statements to include the people behind the running of the organization, their various positions and the services in their charge, brief testimonials about the organization’s records and achievements, and so many other evolving features.

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A website team page is better and preferable to a standard “about us” page, for a number of reasons among which include:

  • It gives faces to the brains behind the company through a bio team section.
  • It’s more compelling and can potentially draw in more customers.
  • It enlivens an organization’s website.
  • It ensures visitors get comprehensive information on what the organization is about and what they can offer.
  • It endears an organization to millennials, who are absolutely captivated by eye-popping web pages, and would be more inclined to patronize an organization that utilizes these website team pages.

What to Include on a Team Bio Page

A team bio page is very important for the public image of the company and must be compelling. It needs to be informative, real and picturesque. It needs to make people desire your products and services. The following are what to include in team member bio as well as your “about us” page.

  • Make the company information story like – no doubt, organizations run on visions and these visions are serious business and have to convey the ambitions and goals of the organizations. However, spelling them out in a story like a format will make them more endearing to readers. It’s no news that a huge chunk of people who use the internet are millennials, and they would rather read a story like, attention-catching bios, rather than very officious, formal ones.  You could experiment with a variety of options, and if possible, you could even do a poem or a brief question and answer page which would “tell the story” of the organization, just as well as a vision and mission statement would.
  • Eye-catching cover photos or headshots – companies’ website cover photos have a long history of being dour, boring and uninspiring. You should get creative with your cover photos. It doesn’t have to be just the company logo, you could use a high-quality display picture that tells your company’s story. Another good option is a team or group photo, showing every member of the team, well dressed, bright smiles on, in a very beautiful and colorful background. Good website designers can help in incorporating the company’s logo and possibly the vision statement into the background picture. These and many more variations would entrap a visitor to the website and even if they just strayed into your companies’ website, they would have no choice but to patronize you or tell their friends and partners about you.
  • Design and layout – in this age, where aesthetics are a key component of the digital world, it’s very important your website design is top notch. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Most of what’s required is sophistication and generous doses of creativity on the part of the designer. People will lean more towards beautifully designed web pages than poorly designed ones.
  • Videos – videos are much beloved in this digital age and if we’re being honest, words can only do so much. Videos featuring team members, well groomed and dressed, properly articulating the company vision, mission, records and achievements in clear, persuasive language, will boost your team page immensely. This also doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to hire a professional videographer for this. Camcorders, smartphones, and tablets with fine editing would do the job almost as well. Just ensure there are good lighting, sound and noise reduction in the location. These videos should be short and straight to the point though; long winding videos defeat the point.

Do these and you can rest assured your website will be generating a lot of traffic in no time.

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The Services We Offer with Our Team Bio Writing Services

When you need help writing bio, we offer the following services: our business bio creation services, including designs, interviews, video recording, company photo-shoots and other facilities on request, in order to bolster the appearance of your organization’s website team page. Here are some of the reasons why you should patronize us

  • Excellent video editing – even if you shoot your videos by yourselves, with iPhones, iPads or camcorders, you will still require some editing, refining and overall enhancement of video and sound quality. We have excellent, experienced and dedicated engineers who will see to this.
  • Knowledge of the millennial community – we have a lot of young staff who research the needs, wants and interests of young adults and we value their feedback as it helps us tailor our services to meet the quality of an effective staff biography.
  • Time consciousness – we are famed for always keeping to time. We value our customers’ busy schedules and work very hard to provide excellent services in as little time as the required excellence can accommodate. We meet all deadlines when it comes to writing your management team bios.

Hence, our comprehensive services will help you realize the best team bios for your staff, and also give you the right steam to take your business to the next level!

So, get in touch with us today and we will transform your team bio web page effectively!