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How to Write Musician Biography

Purpose of a Musician Biography

musician biographyA musician’s bio is an excellent way to promote you and your musical skills in an inexpensive manner. It provides an overview of who you are and what you do in a format that is both interesting and easy to read. The biography is a platform you can use to display your accomplishments in music while allowing the reader a glimpse of you as a person. It can be used on your own website or blog, in programs, or for seeking work as a musician among other things. It is a marketing tool that can be aimed at booking agents, promoters, media contacts and others in the industry to promote you and your work. Keeping an updated bio on hand is a good idea for musicians so it will be ready to go whenever it may be needed.

Writing Style for the Biography of Musician

There are three main elements to consider when you are writing your musicians bio. These are the content that will be included, the format or structure of the biography and the style of writing that will be used. The content and structure of the bio are going to depend to a certain extent on the purpose of the bio and its intended audience. The writing style will normally be consistent regardless of the purpose and audience. You should write in a narrative style using the third person perspective using a clear and concise approach. The biography should be easy to understand and get directly to the point. It should read like a story and not just a list of accomplishments. The biography for musician should also be objective. Avoid subjective language such as “the best” or “the most talented” unless you are quoting somebody else.

Structure and Content of Musicians’ Biographies

Usually the biography for a musician will be one page or less. Four or five relatively short paragraphs will be enough. The following shows a common structure that is often used and the type of content that is included:

  • First paragraph: Introduction that contains your basic information
    • Give your name and what you do(singer, violinist, drummer)
    • If appropriate provide information on where you usually perform.
    • Include a notable achievement or interesting fact that is relevant
  • Second paragraph: Current project in the works. It may be working on an album, special appearance or something else.
  • Third/Fourth paragraphs: Career history and highlights
    • Brief summary of how you started
    • Highlights and major obstacles overcome
    • Don’t try and include everything. Stick to a few major points that are relevant
  • Final paragraph: Conclusion that can include a couple of sentences of personal information such as hobbies or other interests.
  • Contact information

Tips and Suggestions for Writing Biographies

The following general tips and suggestions may be useful when working on your bio. These are general tips and can be used not only for musician bio, but also for example art director bio:

  • Put some extra effort into the introduction. You need to catch and hold the reader’s attention.
  • Avoid generic statements and clichés in your biography. Be specific
  • Avoid including anything too personal
  • Proofread your bio. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors don’t make a good impression

Writing your own biography isn’t easy. It is not unusual for musicians to use a service like the one our company provides to write their bios for them.

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