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How to Write an Executive Biography

Write an Executive BiographyYour executive biography plays a big role on how you market yourself and the company to the public and the press. It is here where you will need to show your considerable prowess in writing to develop a biography that will not only impress your readers of your skills but also to convince them that you and your company are great to work with. The question now is, how are you going to make your bio convey such a message? If you want to know how to write a compelling bio as an executive, you should read on.

Writing an Executive Biography

how to write an executive biographyKnow your audience.
The first thing you need to think about when writing an executive bio is to know who your audience will be. This way, it will be easier for you to put together a bio that is directed to your audience.

write your biography onlineState your current position.
The idea behind the biography is to inform your readers who you are and what your work is. This means that you need to tell your readers what your current job is right off the bat. Don’t give a vague introduction about yourself as this will confuse your readers.

executive biography templateShare valuable information.What you write in your biography speaks volume on how you see yourself. If you focus more on how you advanced in your work area, it will show that you do not involve yourself in outside matters. Although there is nothing wrong with this, think of what message you are sending to your readers.

executive biography examplesMake use of numbers. Since you are an executive of the company or are planning to go up the ranks, try as much as possible to use numbers to convey your contribution to the company. If you’ve handled a project that led to an increase in sales, list how much the growth is.

executive biographyInsert personal information. This isn’t really required in your biography as an executive but it can help in giving your readers a glimpse of who you are outside the office. It helps in making you sound more human which they can relate to.

Need an Executive Biography Template?

Your biography should be a balance between professional and personal to make it interesting and informative to your readers. Showing a bit of your personal life such as your reasons for wanting to become an executive plus the steps you took to be where you are now is a good way to entice your readers to go through your bio because they will be able to relate to your experience. Again, this depends on who your audience is so make sure that you know who you will be writing for. A good template can help you put together a coherent biography that you can put up in your website.

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