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Good Executive Assistant Biography Samples

As an executive assistant who wants to apply for a new work, aside from writing a resume, you also need to write an executive assistant biography to help market yourself. Writing a LinkedIn bio can be very helpful too. Bios come in handy because they can highlight your best skills and experiences that make you suited for the job. Of course, biographies will only work to your advantage if they are written in a powerful manner. This may prove to be a difficult task for some but once you know what should go in your biography, it will be easier to put together a bio that stands out.

Good Executive Assistant Biography Samples $79.99

How to Write Your Executive Assistant Biography

If you’re going to look at executive assistant bio samples, you will find that they come in different formats. However, there are some similarities when it comes to content. Here are the basics of a good bio for an executive assistant.

  • executive assistant bio samplesIntroduction. The first paragraph of your biography is your introduction and it is here where you need to hook your readers immediately. It is here where you get to introduce yourself and your current position in the company that you are working in. Of course, it’s not just merely mentioning these facts that are important but how you write them to make your readers interested in you.
  • administrative assistant bio samplesSkills and Experiences. Your biography should show what skills and experiences you have that you think best suits your position. Show your readers what they can gain when they choose you as their new executive assistant.
  • executive assistant biography samplesQualifications. Talk about your education background, the training and seminars you’ve attended, as well as projects and tasks that you worked on that added to your list of expertise.
  • administrative assistant biography samplesPersonal Information. Don’t forget to add something personal about yourself in your biography. You can talk about your family, your hobbies, and even outside activities that you do during your free time. Why is this important? Your personal life makes you real and this can appeal to your readers even more.
  • sample bio for administrative assistantContact Information. The last part of your biography should be for your contact information. Give your readers a way to reach you whether it is through your e-mail, cell phone number, or even your personal website.

Tips for a Great Executive Assistant Bio

Executive Assistant Biography


Writing a great bio as an executive assistant means showing your ability to communicate well with your readers. It’s not simply about writing these facts as is but weave them into a narrative that will compel them to invite you for an interview or even hire you on the spot. This means that you will have to write on a personal level while at the same time keeping it professional. Just because you will be focusing on your skills and experiences it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add more personality to your writing.

  • The best thing that an employer wants to see in an executive assistant is its willingness to work in late hours in case of some special assignment. You should highlight your flexibility in working hours at top of your biography.
  • The second most important thing that you must have to highlight in your biography for executive assistant is your fluency in writing, listening, and communication. However, don’t exaggerate the level of your fluency because your communication and listening fluency will be judged in the first interview.
  • After the brief introduction, you should focus on your required skills and expertise that are advertised particularly for the required post. There is no need to start the experience chronologically.
  • To write a great biography for the post of executive assistant is using the idioms and phrases at right places to give professional look to your bio. Moreover, there should be no spelling and grammar mistake in your bio.

writing an executive bio

That Expert Touch

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