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Biography Sample

Motivated and enthusiastic, Andy Cheng is a professional dedicated to the Information Technology field, with 19 years of experience as an analytical, visionary and articulate senior IT leader and over a decade in management. Currently in the role of Senior Technology Manager Andy is responsible for managing and leading an expanding team of 10 senior-level technology experts including business analysts for data analysis, UI/UX designers, IT System Security and full stack systems engineers. Here he managed a critical Government Ministry Digital Ledger project with records of various civil infrastructure assets and services worth billions USD. Passionate about working in a collaborative environment and delivering cutting edge solutions, Andy delivers a service with high metric results using Agile methodologies, while consistently meeting project deadlines. He has managed high-performing and resilient cloud applications by employing sound cloud architectural design patterns and implementing effective cyber security policies. Moreover, he has Directed projects valued at $5M and led teams of 10 in a dynamic, fast-paced environment in domestic and global operations. Unique in his skillset, Andy has a military background in intelligence, 12 years international work experience a US expatriate and meticulous technical leadership.

Establishing his career in 1998, Andy began as a Senior Systems Analyst before quickly progressing into the role of Senior Technology Consultant with Accenture, where he remained for two years. Following this, Ramin became a Senior Software Developer for a further two years with Thomson Reuters. While working here, Andy made the decision to enroll in the United States Army Reserves as a Counterintelligence Agent, where he dedicated 8 years of service, in which time he completed a Counterterrorism Analysis Course, here he also engaged in a year of active duty for the army. After completing his active duty, Andy began his six-year long career as an Enterprise Systems Architect with Northrop Grumman. Here he developed critical Signal and Spots reporting systems in .NET application and acted as the sole point-of-contact on all custom software development initiatives and content management systems matters. Leaving here in 2010, Andy spent a year as a Senior Program Manager in Kabul, Afghanistan, before moving to his current role of Senior Technology Manager.

Keen to develop his knowledge and skillet, Andy has completed a Bachelor’s degree in engineering chemistry, followed by an MBA with Northwestern University and a Certification of Autonomous Vehicles. Having lived, studied and worked in so many areas of the world, Andy is bilingual, with heightened cultural awareness and a flexibility in his approach. When he isn’t working, Andy enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures, reading literature, studying Anthropology, researching technology and engaging in new studies that develop his personal understanding and skillset.