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Best Army Biography Format

Army Biography FormatWriting the army biography may appear somewhat similar to that of writing a standard resume but in this case, the focus is on the career, training, awards, and achievements instead of background and education of the person. There are different formats that you can use when writing your biography for the army but it would be better if you stick with the classic or standard format to make it more professional.

What’s the Best Army Biography Format?

If you are looking for the best army bio format, you might want to follow this outline:

army biography exampleBasic Information – This should include your name, rank, branch, your deployment status, date of birth, where you are currently stationed, and your hometown.

army bio exampleArmy History – List your history in the army in a chronological order. Begin with your first experience in the military until you reach your current position. Don’t forget to include information about your enlistment, the trainings you’ve received, and the units as well as locations that you’ve been deployed to.

military bio formatAwards and Honors – If you have received awards or honors during your time in the army, add them to your biography. Service ribbons can also be included since they are part of your army career.

army biography sampleSchooling – Indicate where you got your schooling for the army. If you underwent training after boot-camp write of it as well. Add details to this part of your bio by talking about your coworkers, the various tests you took in relation to your army training, as well as recommendations received.

military biography formatRanking – You should include your rank history in your biography starting from the very first position that you received. Don’t forget to indicate the dates when you received each rank in the army.

army biographyPersonal Background – The last part of your army bio should be about your personal information such as parents, siblings, spouse, children, as well as civilian schooling received.

Need an Army Biography Example?

To get a better idea on how a biography for the army should look like, you should look for samples online. You’ll find that there are different ways to format your biography. Some will depend on the requirements of the specific division you want to apply for but most will follow the standard format which is outlined above. The length of your bio may vary so you will need to determine what is required in your biography before working on it. This way, you’ll be able to highlight the most important facts about your army history even if you are only asked to write around 300 to 400 words.

Professional Writing Assistance

army biographyIt’s not unusual to find yourself wishing that someone else take up the task of writing your army biography. If you really want to ask for help, why not consider hiring our biography writing service? We have different samples on hand such as doctor bio example, author bio example, and even army bio sample if you need one. You can trust us to deliver a fully customized biography for you based on the information that you send us.

Choose our writing service today and we’ll show you how to write your army bio like a professional!

Image credit: http://www.jble.af.mil/library/biographies/bio.asp?id=15883