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Accountant Biography Writing Services

Things to Consider Before Writing an Accountant Biography

accountant biographyTwo main factors that will influence your approach to writing a biography of an accountant will be the purpose the biography is intended for and the audience that it targets. Most accountant bios are written to either find a job in accounting or to attract potential clients. This means that your audience will either be potential clients or possible employers. A bio that targets potential clients must show them how using your service benefits them. The bio targeting employers must show how hiring you will help their business. An effective accountant bio links your qualifications and skills to what the reader needs, whether potential employer or future client.

The Biography of an Accountant Must Answer Readers’ Questions

Whether you are targeting an employer or a possible client there are questions that both audiences would like you to answer. A potential client wants to know who you provide accounting services for and what types of problems and issues you resolve. An employer wants to know if you have the particular skills they need. Both want to know where and how you gained your qualifications. The biggest difference between the two is that a bio targeting an employer is written with you knowing essentially what they need. This allows you to focus on those skills you have that most closely fit the employer’s requirements even though they may not be where you are strongest. A bio targeting potential clients focuses on your strongest areas in the hopes of attracting those who need the particular abilities you focus on.

Structure and Content of Your Accountant Bio

The bio is basically an overview of your accounting career that tells the reader who you are, what you do, and why you are qualified to do it. If you haven’t written a bio before, an accountant biography sample can give you some idea as to the structure you should use and the type of content to include. The following shows a typical structure used for accounting bios and content that might be included:

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and what you do. Discuss the type of accounting you do and who you do it for.
  • Professional history: Provide information about previous positions you have held relevant to your purpose. Discuss some of your more noteworthy accomplishments in the field
  • Affiliations and awards: Include any industry related awards or special recognition you have received and any industry related organizations you are a member of.
  • Academic history: Inform the reader of any degrees obtained and the institution granting the degree. Include any special certifications that are relevant.
  • Personal information: Bios that target potential clients may include a sentence or two that provides some personal information. This can help them relate to you as a person and establish a connection. It is less important when targeting employers.
  • Contact information

General Tips for Bio Writing

These are general tips that work for any kind of bio, accountant or architect biography, it doesn’t matter. Use them when writing yours:

  • Write the bio in the third person using a narrative style of writing
  • Keep the length of your bio to one page or less
  • Be specific. Try and include things unique to you. Avoid generic statements and clichés
  • Proofread the bio. Make sure all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are eliminated

If you lack the time to write a good bio or are unsure of the most effective way to approach it, consider using a professional service like the one our company provides.

Advantages of Using Our Biography Writing Services

We provide biographies for any purpose in any field whether it’s accountant or professor biography that you need. Every writer we use has a college degree and substantial experience working with biographies. They know how to create bios designed to achieve a specific purpose and that target a particular audience using the information you provide. Every bio we write is completely original and customized to fit your specific needs and requirements. Additional advantages include:

  • Direct contact with the writer working on your bio
  • Guarantees of complete customer satisfaction and on time delivery with every bio
  • Complete customer confidentiality assured
  • Courteous and helpful customer support 24/7

Contact us for an effective accountant biography that establishes your credentials and creates the favorable impression you want!