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A Guide on Engineer Biography Writing

Purpose of the Engineer Biography

biography of engineerAn engineer’s bio is a summary of their career and accomplishments in the field and can be used for a number of purposes. The biography of engineer you create can be used to help find employment or for seeking consulting work. It can also be used to establish industry credentials for public speaking or writing in the field. Basically your biography is a way to help market your skills and knowledge in the engineering field in a format that is more readable and personable than a resume.

Preparing to Write Your Engineer Bio

Before you actually begin writing your biography you need to determine what you’re trying to achieve with it. You should also identify the audience that you are writing for and the impression you want to leave them with. Once you have established your audience and goal, the next step is to select the information that will be included in the bio. Unlike a typical resume, the bio doesn’t have to include your entire work history. Select those things that will best help you achieve your purpose and focus on those.

Biography of Engineer Structure

There isn’t one correct method for how to structure a professional biography. It will depend to a certain extent on the particular purpose you have for writing the bio. As a rule of thumb, you should include the most important and relevant information first. A typical structure for a biography for an engineer is shown here:

  • Introduction: Provide your name and what you do in the first couple of sentences. Give your current position and some of your duties and responsibilities. Include one or two noteworthy accomplishments in your current position
  • Professional work history: Starting with the most recent job, discuss your past employment. Only include jobs relevant to your purpose. It isn’t necessary to explain any gaps in employment in your bio.
  • Accomplishments and affiliations: Any rewards or special recognition you have received in the field should be mentioned. Also include any industry related organizations you are a member of.
  • Education: College/university degrees you hold and the institution granting them should be mentioned. If more than one, begin with the most recently earned degree. Any industry related certifications can be included.
  • Personal information: Personal information is optional. If you include any, limit it to one or two sentences.
  • Contact information

Some Guidelines and Suggestions for Writing Engineer Bios

  • Write the bio in the third person using a narrative style of writing. It should read like a story, not a list.
  • Use action verbs in the bio. For engineers verbs such as converted, designed, fabricated, maintained, restored and solved are good for discussing technical skills
  • Keep the length of the bio to one page or less. You should also keep paragraphs fairly short to make the bio easier to scan.
  • Proofread your biography. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors don’t make the type of impression you want.

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